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Default If ever Gary North had a heyday, it is NOW.

Brilliant marketer, that Gary North. Looks like FINALLY, he got it right, maybe.

Although I share today's Doom and Gloom message (which he has had for decades), there isn't a lot to be done against demon sperm and all that.

And instead of big chunks of wood, try a little NLP on those burban rollers.

As of today, I am reworking the report, and may pare it down, and even then, not all that motivated, for personal reasons, it may have to be fend for thyself. I don't have anything to offer which isn't already out there...except some jokes, like
Who are the 3 biggest boobs in the White House? Donald and his 44D's.


Originally Posted by Glenn View Post
Thanks for Asking Gordon,

I use Stretchy Rubber Cargo tie downs on my mail box.

Some MORON keeps hitting it with a baseball bat.

So the Tie downs - let it get knocked on the Ground. (And I strap it back on the post.)

But Secure enough To HOLD the mail box in place - for normal usage.

(And I have a spare Plastic Box in the garage.

THIS NEXT idea you can thank a PARANOID
Friend of

Dr Gary North

Brian moved to a house with a long driveway. Trees he plans to CHAINSAW
so nobody can get to his house - when The Russians or the Chinese or MORE Likely his neighbors attack.

CUZ He has a Basement full of MRE's

I Have 5 Chunks of Wood I Can't Cut. (DECIDED to Turn a Headache into a Potential SAVE MY Butt - Opportunity.)

Used my Peavy to roll them Next to the driveway.

IF things get bad.

And People Start driving out of the city looting.

A DRIVEWAY blocked by 200 lb chunks of wood
might be Just Enough to make them DRIVE ON BY.

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