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Default Re: Speaking of a Harvey Brody idea, here's one for those wanting to start a biz.

Originally Posted by GordonJ View Post
Harvey served in the Air Force, so many of his ideas are flight, airplane related, but this one is a general HOW TO GET THERE idea.

So, say you live near me, in the greater Akron-Canton area and you want to pay Harvey a visit. First thing...WHEN?

How about Thanksgiving. Then HOW? We now look at options.
Fastest, easiest, albeit most expensive is to FLY out there the day before. You get in S. CA. and have the evening to enjoy the beach, taking deep breaths to make sure your lungs get all that wild fire smoke in them.

But maybe you don't want to fly, so you look at other options:
Driving a car.
Riding a bus.
Taking a train.
Sharing a ride.

All are modes of transportation, and can get you to where you want to go...if you have TIME. If you have money to buy tickets, you may opt for the fastest.

If you are dirt poor, then maybe a month long + walk will work for you.

If you fly, you just need to get to the airport, from here, that would be either Akron-Canton or Cleveland. Once in CA, you may rent a car.

Once you decide on the HOW and WHEN, then your planning begins. So you have a goal, a time you want to reach it, and a ways and means of getting there. So how does this translate to those wanting to start an Internet Marketing business?

Although one would think that a goal and plan would aid a beginner to having a business online, my 30+ years says otherwise.

Most can't answer WHERE and WHEN. Say you want to make 500 bux a week starting in Jan. 2021. So HOW do you get there?

The reason Harvey Brody has over 60+ years of continuous success is due to his THINKING, and taking time to pencil everything out BEFORE he begins or starts a new project or acquires a new product. He looks for detours, he examines the route closely, he sees the people he will be working with and before he pulls the trigger, he KNOWS what, if any, slop and mess he can expect and if it is too much, then he doesn't do it.

Many of you start, get into an online business without any planning, and a few even pull off a success, while most struggle and start/stop several projects or ideas and waste time and money because they do not have a plan.

So, maybe, the biggest takeaway from the Harvey Brody teaching is his clear view from the ROOFTOP, to see your finish line, and the steps down the rungs back to the bottom...which allows you to execute your plan knowing it will succeed.

Any questions?
Hi Gordon,

One thing which is different about Harvey is he DOES NOT buy into the "Ready Fire Aim" approach, which is common today...

Michael Masterson - real name Mark Ford - even wrote a book with that name...

Another similar approach (common to tech startups) is known as the Minimum Viable Product (or MVP)...

That idea is to create the simplest, most minimal product you can - as quickly as you can - which some people will buy...

Then you gradually improve it (based on customer feedback)...

Both those approaches have many merits... Especially IF you don't know if it will work or not!

As you say, Harvey doesn't do that - he plans it out... He'll pretty much know whether it will work or not, before he does anything.

Best wishes!

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