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Default Re: Glitch, Dien....

Originally Posted by Sandi Bowman View Post
I tried to do a post. Had it all done, tried to post it. It came up with a message saying "Sandi Bowman username is already in use. If you are...etc...and forgot your password, click here.' I went up to the top right and filled in to login (I thought I read somewhere you didn't have to login?) and it threw me out of the forum. Just went to a blank page with done in the lower left corner. Think I lost the post when it did that.

Anyway, let's try again. I logged in first this time so we'll see.

Sandi Bowman

Hi Sandi,

Thanks for letting me know about the problem...

The best I can say for now is if that happens, use your browser's "back" button to get back to your post. I know it's not perfect, I'm still working this out...

Hopefully we'll get these glitches ironed out over the next few days...

- Dien
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