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Default Super duper article, and an adjustment of the GJASQ1

Thanks Dien,

Most comprehensive article I've read in a long time. Some great ideas and some reflections of...

THE POA, the pyramid of accomplishment, as it shows, the faster the adjustment, the closer to the goal, the faster time goes.

Anyhow, very good. BOOKMARKED, and will study this one for awhile.


Originally Posted by Dien Rice View Post
John Boyd was a fighter pilot in the Korean war, and was a Commander during the Vietnam War. He won numerous decorations as part of his service.

After his retirement, he continued to work at the Pentagon as a consultant...

What John Boyd is most famous for today is his teaching on OODA loops.

OODA stands for Observe - Orient - Decide - Act...

It sounds simple... But it's not as simple as it seems, if you really want to apply it...

He credits this to how he was able to be a great fighter pilot - and teach others to be great fighter pilots...

But it applies to so many different areas...

I've been reading about it for 20 years. But only now do I feel like I truly understand it...

And it's because of this article...

I thought I'd share it, for those who are interested!

It explains many applications of OODA loops - and how to use it to beat your competition... In the military, in sport, in chess, and in business...

(The author of this article, Roderic Yapp, is himself a former officer in the Royal Marines - which is the British equivalent of the Marines...)

The OODA Loop: From the Battlefield to Business Success

Best wishes!

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