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Default Re: Ask me in March, cause April gets busy.

Keeping testing new offers and do some customer appreciation, these make sense. And offer is not only the single PRODUCT but the price too.

However you reply is focused (and correctly) only on the PROMOTION.

To be honest , based on my own experience , I believe what would exponentially makes the difference is the PRODUCT.

The MEDIA I use is only Facebook Marketplace and Facebook Feeds. In the moment I simply send a sales letter with new products by private message chat to my Facebook business page contacts and on Marketplace contacts. I do this manually 1 message each time. I dont contact my list by e-mail because I only advertise on Facebook Marketplace and Facebook Feeds.

Can you give me some advice specific on how to choose winning PRODUCTS?

I tested modeling the Pandora brand on the products, didn't worked. What my clients want is not Pandora brand style, actually is the opposite.

Any tips on the PRODUCT?

Thank you.
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