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Default This is another one... perhaps better...

Hi, Gordon,

(The following done by voice...)

I'm trying this out. Now I'm recording in the "voice memos" app on my iPhone. I think there's a similar app for those who are using Android. And then I'm gonna see if I can get this transcribed and we'll see how we go.


I edited the above a little...

I actually did it using another one - Otter, at, as well as with VoiceDocs...

I uploaded the pre-recorded file to each website...

I found that Otter was significantly more accurate than VoiceDocs...

Otter however uses a subscription model. But I had to do a lot less editing afterwards with Otter...

With Otter, you can test 3 audio files for free... (I think it also does live transcription, which I haven't tried...)

Best wishes!

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