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Default How does that saying go...?

Originally Posted by GordonJ View Post
Sorry, now a proprietary course for 2500 initial fee.

Speaking of Proprietary, come July 4th, I will have Dien remove all of the Square One Workshops too.

They are being redone, and I will execute the proper protection for them before bringing them back as a new proprietary system, and maybe even with some software too.

Lots going on, albeit, we seem quiet on the surface here.
Hi Gordon,

I hear ya! Square One Workshops coming down on July 4...

What's that saying - "You snooze, you lose?"

Square One has been up for quite a few years, so you can't say you haven't had time!

However, there are lots of exciting things coming up...

I'm working with Harvey Brody on a "secret" project which I hope will see the light of day... But there's still work to be done. Fingers crossed, and all that...

There's also another personal project I'm progressing behind the scenes...

Gordon has some great stuff coming up too...

There are perhaps a few too many things flying through the air, but some of them are bound to turn into some awesome results, that I'm sure many will love and be ecstatic about...

Coming... coming...

Best wishes,

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