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Default A few things I want to test...IF, I can find a good organizer.

I like paper and ink. Have since I was 10 and got that toy printing press for Xmas.

HOTSHEETS, folios, plans, word puzzles, white papers, reports, books, courses...blogs, forums, web sites;

All of these take WORDS. And the would be writer's market is evergreen and huge.

I don't want the admin, but if I can find that local someone who can spend a few hours a week on the computer...then what I would want to do is:

Form a local writer's group. Have them as contract, 1099ers. I would simply be the middleman in finding them work. A local clearinghouse for writers. Maybe add artists too, graphic and fine artists. Maybe an association, a club, a team but all local with monthly meet ups. Maybe a small join fee, and a small % of gigs.

What do you think of this idea, have you come across such a beast?

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