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Default Re: [Another] nifty headline idea...

I don't believe you simply said, "Wow is that really the price?" For a retailer to tell you that means you came into their establishment and insulted them by questioning them on their pricing as though you knew better. Or you put up a stink and wanted them to drop their price and said you can get that item elsewhere cheaper.

Clearly you have never been a retail store owner. If you only knew what overhead, payroll, taxes, permitting, advertising, marketing & a score of other costs their were to maintain that business and keep it open, so you the public can come in and browse, you would be mindful enough to know their profit margins are typically less than 10%.

If you can get it cheaper elsewhere, then move on and go get it. Don't take it out on the retailer by questioning them or complaining about it.

What's really not nice is people complaining about a retailer when they have no vested interest in the business, but think the retailer has to drop their prices just to make you happy.

Originally Posted by homebizdiva View Post
I don't like that expression. Many times we do run into something that is less expense than what we thought and you my comment "wow is that really the price?'
Actually, I have had a merchant tell me that "I can charge more if you want". I remember I did get a little hot under the collar.
My first opinion stays, it is not nice.
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