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Default Awesome to see you're a fan too! :)

Originally Posted by nifty nonpareil View Post
- - -
Dien!!!! Hi, there!
It’s nanci, and alas figured out how to say hello and applaud you [GJA, and Ankesh] all here! You nailed it with that particular catalog, as one’s parents used to receive their catalog in the postal mail. Here’s to your “item discovery” and welcoming your little bundle of joy, 3-months young to your family! Aloha 🙏
Hi Nanci,

Awesome to see your post! And thank you for your well-wishes!

Glad you are also a fan of the Hammacher Schlemmer catalog!

Sometimes, you need a little escape... And it's always fun to fantasize about some of the crazier stuff in that catalog...

Best wishes,

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