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Default Thanks Tyler, makes me want to go back 30 years.

I always advise younger people to look into developing software and apps, it looks like your link can do it all for them.

Speaking of apps, friend of the forum, soon to have his app on iTunes, but it is ready for android today, check it out, great app.

It organizes you like nothing else.


Originally Posted by TylerDurden View Post
With the competition rising day-by-day in mobile market, marketers and app developers are trying really hard to keep their users loyal to them by meeting their needs and desires - It is all easier said than done!

I read somewhere that approx. 23% of apps are only used once and never opened again. So, if people are engaging with your business and are converting then chances are you are in for a long run. The issue is companies want to stay on roll and figuring this out is a daunting task for keeping the buzz to your mobile app.

Facebook, Messenger, YT, Instagram, Twitter are a few examples as to how are you going to make the user to keep coming back - almost as if a daily need for many people. Before working on how to keep the users engaged, marketers and mobile app developers should read about what makes the user loose interest in your app.

Here are few tips for businesses to keep their user engaged, interacted, and hooked:

1. Make a smooth onboarding experience
2. Use in-app marketing smartly
3. Keep your app's speed and performance high
4. Make sure it is not biting on the user's phone memory and internal storage.
5. Keep monitoring user behavior
6. Work on the feedback provided by the users

These are some smart and useful tips for businesses to work on provided by a custom software development company for helping out business owners, marketers, app developers.

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