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Sandi Bowman
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Default Re: Poincare's theories...

Poincare's theories (at least some of them) have been disproven in subsequent studies. An UNdisciplined sub-conscious produces some nuggets but nothing complete. We now know that a kind of directing and disciplining, if you will, of the sub-conscious process can produce completed gems.

From personal experience, I know this to be true, as do many other writers who write as I do. Do the research, explore the elements in the conscious mind, then leave it alone. When I sit down to 'harvest' what the subconscious does with the materials (it lets me know when it's ready), I seldom have to make any kind of corrections to the finished product...if I do, it's usually very minor grammar or punctuation changes.

So, how do you discipline the subconscious? You do it by suggestion and directing your thought processes to the subconscious to let it know exactly what you want...and then you leave it alone to do things the way it wants to. It gets better with each practice until it's virtually an automatic event. I don't even have to direct or suggest to my subconscious any longer unless I'm trying something new or unfamiliar.
Sandi Bowman
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