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Default Thanks Millard. I thought of that as safety, but I agree with you.

Originally Posted by Millard Grubb View Post

As I looked on your list, I noticed no mention of first aid or medical. As a former Navy corpsman, I learned all sorts of medical techniques that I still use.
Perhaps you address this in safety.


Thanks. I will add that. In my mind, I think of that as skills. But it is important enough to have its own section, and I WILL add it.

By the way, I went into the Navy thinking I would be a corpsman, but then, the sight of blood made me woozy, so they thought (rightfully so)...maybe I'd serve them better as something else. So instead of helping people, they made me a cook, so I could make them sick.

Kept the corpsman on our boat plenty busy. HA!

One of these days I'd love to swap some Navy stories with you, are you in any Facebook groups?


PS. Have any interest in contributing to the report (with some benefits) on maybe emergency first aid or something?
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