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Default Positive poetry packs a punch! :)

Haha! I enjoyed that Glenn!

"Whinging" and "Nong" are definitely Aussie slang... "Whinging" means the same as "whining" (though pronounced like "win-jing")... A "nong" is essentially an "idiot"...

I think "no worries" is originally Aussie slang, which has since traveled across the Pacific to the USA, as I've heard it used in the USA too... (Means the same as "no problem"...)

Fun poetry - especially about the person - will undoubtedly get you good attention!

I'm gonna have to try it...


Dien (trying not to be a nong)...

Originally Posted by Glenn View Post
Thanks Dien,

Build on An idea from, "How to Win Friends and Influence People."

Write a POEM About that person.

Use their name.

Dien Rice,
Is Nice,
He Claps For My Writing,
Instead of Biting.

"Biting Criticism" is so much Expected,
People Don't Wanna Get out of Bed,
Because They Dread,
Complaints and Whinging,
Instead of Compliments and Singing.

Mary Poppins Was Wrong,
Forget the Medicine,
Even With a Song,
Nobody Likes Being Called a Nong.


P.S. - Did I get the Aussie Slang Right?
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