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Default Back to labor. Me too.

Ah. Labor Day in America.

The end of summer, back to school, cooler weather...and all of that is happening this post Labor Day. The long weekend is over, holidays and vacations are memories (hope you didn't stay at the White Lotus)...

Now, the Fall sprint to the Holidays. It is a sprint, things come at us fast and furious. Leaves change color and begin to fall, chill in the air, then Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas (and other Holidays) and the New Year.

So, it is hi ho, hi ho, back to work we go. \

To those of you who have ordered my first video Hotsheet, I am trying to cull it down, have enough info for 10 of them, and your bonus is being worked on, I appreciate your patience.

Motivation is a little hard for me to come by these days, I find I lose interest pretty quickly, so I have to trick myself into focused efforts in short bursts of time. We'll see.

Anyhow, let's hit the decks a running and turn this year around to a sprint to prosperity, freedom and financial independence, shall we?

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