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Default Re: How I'm relaxing to take a break from the news...

Originally Posted by Dien Rice View Post

Sorry you haven't heard from me for a while... Between being a parent to a 3-month-old baby and Covid-19 awareness, I've been kind of overwhelmed and also a bit stressed out... (We're all fine, though!)

So, to take a break from the overstimulation of too much news, I've turned to one of my sources of peace and happiness... which is the...

Hammacher Schlemmer catalog!

I first discovered the Hammacher Schlemmer catalog when it was one of the catalogs included in Skymall - the printed catalog which used to be on pretty much every US airplane. Back in those pre-iPod and pre-iPad days, it was one of the few forms of entertainment on the airplane...

The great thing about Hammacher Schlemmer is there are many things you didn't realize you need in your life - until you see it in the catalog...

For me, this time, it's now this...

The Human Bowling Ball

That's right, you become the bowling ball to knock down the pins!

And it will only set you back $5,500 (plus $100 shipping)...

The great thing is - being inside the ball, you are automatically self-isolating yourself...

I'm contemplating it... depending on how long this coronavirus thing goes for...

- Dien

- - -
Dien!!!! Hi, there!
It’s nanci, and alas figured out how to say hello and applaud you [GJA, and Ankesh] all here! You nailed it with that particular catalog, as one’s parents used to receive their catalog in the postal mail. Here’s to your “item discovery” and welcoming your little bundle of joy, 3-months young to your family! Aloha 🙏
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