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Default He must have a good diet, or great genes.

Originally Posted by Dien Rice View Post
Hi Gordon,

I haven't listened to it yet (will do so later today), but I agree with you... learning from Harvey Brody is time well spent!

Best wishes,


P.S. I will just note that I'm not working on any projects with Harvey at the moment, but we're still on good terms...

Dien, as you well know, Harvey is like DEEP clear water, it looks like you can touch the bottom with your hand, but when you get in, you may quickly get over your head. Metaphor, and directness can get some confused.

Take Paul Anka. A simple story, but many don't get it. It is one great metaphor for ACQUISITION, one doesn't have to create, just be alert and aware and when you find something interesting, as Paul did with that French song, you have to act on it creatively. Same with the Spud Gun.

We all see the daily mundane items, and pay little attention to them, but a creative or inventor will examine it, ASK questions, what is it, what could it be and who, what, when, where and why.

The view from the rooftop, kicking out the chocks, down the runway, preflight checklist, thinking it through to the end, BEFORE making a commitment...all that stuff that Harvey has shared with us.

He gave me the TRANSACTION as the way to analyze a Biz-Op to see what the "slop and mess" of it all could be. Control and toll.

With 60 years of continuous success, he is hard to beat as a successful person who has shared his "secrets" so openly.

When you do listen to this audio, I know some lights will go off and you will refer to those copious notes you have, just as I listened to several audios again.

It is a shame more people don't get exposed to his life's work.

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