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Default A tale of two webinars.

On a cold bleak Ohio day (yesterday the 27th) there were two webinars.
How many of you know the story of the Wall Street Journal ad about the two men? If you do, this is NOT going in that direction, if you don't, ignore.

Anyhooey, so, I'm a Bob Bly fan, he's not only a good copywriting teacher, but is still cranking out work, unlike so many of the OLD guys who are content to play their guitars and sell courses. Just MY opinion, but if one doesn't have work "in force", they don't really know what the latest is, do they?

So Bob suggests a webinar by Ellen Finkelstein, whom we've discussed before. Ellen gained some status by being one of the top POWERPOINT professionals in the world, even wrote books on it. Since then she has written many books, courses and is an infopreneur of the highest order.

Her free webinar was on zoom, with a great presentation, which one would expect. I found it to be engaging and informative. She was in the corner as her slides did the job, and of course, she took questions.

NOW, anyone who knows me, knows I HATE these things, and almost never do webinars, I like a pdf file afterwards, but once in awhile, I bite the bullet and tune in.

Ellen gets a Gordonesque A for her webinar.

Then in the evening, I tuned into a Fred Gleeck and Bob Bly webinar on GoTo Webinar. And it literally turned into a phone call, with not that good sound quality. Bob answered questions in real time, so that was the important thing, but as for presentation, Fred and Bob get a D.

Now, should they care? I don't know.

I probably wouldn't. Not that anyone has asked me to do one, but if I did, I think the answer questions in real time, without any advanced planning would be the way I would go, and therefore, not concern myself with appearances.

What about you?

Do you listen/watch webinars? Do you watch talking head videos (I can't, I mean really I just cannn't do it)?

Do you still watch PowerPoint, or do you prefer a PDF like I do?

Anyhow, I did a couple of chunks of useful info from both, so it wasn't a waste of time, but it may be quite some time before I surrender my time to a webinar again.

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