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Default 90 days of summer, good time to make the moolah.

Fiscal year over for many companies, new budgets in place.

Today begins my 90 days of Summer Time Profits. From the first Saturday in July through Sept. 30. y

I like quarters, and the 3rd quarter, traditionally, is the least favorite time of the year for big corps and many Entrepreneurs to take time, holidays, and getting away.

It is also the time, they solidify there 4th quarter, which has been worked on for over a year, Thanksgiving/Christmas and other holidays come around every year, don't they?

I've found the Summer time is great to look at things others may not think about. Like school budgets. How many schools at all levels will be having auctions in Aug. to clear out for new: desks, computers, all things school.

Same for many Gov'ts, city, county, state and feds, all have their new budget money in hand and ALL of them will be getting rid of stuff, GREAT time for auction chatteling.

It is also a time when the Gurus lay off a bit, so there isn't as much competition in some fields to gain attention of prospects, make good use of their lull and hit the gas full metal to the pedal to the floor.

It is also set up time. I will have at least 3 and as many as 6 new INFORMATION products finished during this time, to be released over the Fall and Winter months along with a couple of new web sites.

So, get out of the hammock, away from the beach, and make the Summer time profitable, cause I'm going to.

Or in other words, don't snooze now, you might lose later. Eh?

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