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Default Six days early, or 15 days start to finish. The TEMPLATE.


Here it is:

This NEW report is a template.

Backstory: In high school we had to write a report with citations and all that...we had to buy a report which showed us how to do the report we bought was also the how to do it. Great thing.

This new report on PLANNING is a template on a Question and Answer document which any of you can create in less than the time we took. But easily done in two weeks.

Is it going to be a million dollar best seller? I think not (but what do I know). I expect after the initial weeks, that Winston may use it as a lead generator or to be a give away. That is what I would do.

A Q and A or even a FAQ (frequently asked questions) is an easy product to create and once you have it done, can serve you for a long time.

The Q and A document we had with Harvey Brody was here for almost a decade and led to many queries about TOLL positions and other related items.

So, spring for the 7 bux, it has some really good strategy on PLANNING, with some examples and I'm sure you will like it.

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