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Default tough time online?

You don't have to tell me that things are tough online I see it every day in my inbox. People I haven't heard from in a month of Sundays are suddenly rediscovering that I exit and, guess what...I have an email! Grrrrr! So they proceed to use it to the hilt. Well, when I get fed up with their tactics, I unsubscribe and block their address.

Another thing that bothers me is that because I am on one of their lists, they think I should be on ALL of their lists. They have different partners for some of them but they don't care...they've got my email so spam away! Unsubscribe is my answer to the abusers. I'm tired of it. Cease and desist! Damned aggravations. This is all the warning they're going to get so be warned.

Sandi Bowman
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