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Default Can they make a Belgium Waffle?

Originally Posted by Dien Rice View Post
If you haven't heard about it...

Every year, one town in south-west France gathers 15,000 eggs, put them in a GIANT frying pan, and cook an enormous Easter omelette!

Everyone who turns up for the festival all get together to eat it!

It's called the Brotherhood of the Giant Omelette...

The story goes that Napoleon, when he was in the area, enjoyed a local omelette so much that he asked for a giant omelette to be cooked for his troops. In commemoration, now they do it every year!

Just thought some might enjoy reading about it!

Why one French town is buying 15,000 eggs in time for Easter

Giant Omelette Festival

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Haven't seen that many eggs since the truck carrying all the chickens turned over.

Does it come with home fries or hash browns?

Good find Dien.

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