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Default Thank You Glenn. Great thoughts.

Pure fuel.

How easy is it to keep track of birthdays and anniversaries for any business? Dirt simple, cheap software, an email and WHALA VOILA BANG BAM, money pours in.

I am amazed by how many restaurants and mom and pop shops DON'T have some sort of a birthday/anniversary thing set up. How simple for anyone in the jewelry or gift business to implement this too. You gave us all a whole bunch of FREE money with this one idea, so many thanks.

Next month, when I launch my new offline business, I will be incorporating this into my sales pitch, it came at the exact right time Glenn.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.


PS. SCI jewelry division sent a little FREE box of chocolates (and an offer) to their jewelry buyers, I know they too, made millions from this thoughtful gesture. And everyone has a birthday.

Originally Posted by Glenn View Post
Thanks Mike,

I have a Jewelry Making Client (Wife Designs/Husband Sells) Who Makes Millions Selling Expensive Jewelry to His/her Harvard ClassMates List.

Every Year they get a Copy of the Yearbook.
And Rent the University List.

Your Jewelry is Much cheaper.

But The REASON WHY his Clients BUY over and over.


He has all of their Wives Birthdays and Anniversary Dates.

Emails and Phone Calls JUST Before the Poor SOB
is about to GO In The Dog House.

CAN YOU OFFER A Ethical BRIBE of a Report or Booklet
About Taking Care of Jewelry.

OR Fixing the Clasps or Replacing the fastener yourself. TO Get Your Past Buyers to Share their B-Days and Anniversary Dates.

HOT REPEAT BUYERS Should Be Your Priority.


I just Spoke to a Lady in VEGAS who owns an Advertising Specialties Biz.

She is Selling MATCHING COLOR Jewelry AND Face Masks.

Woman who bought 200.00 of food in Whole Foods Grocery Store.

Her Mask, Eyelashes, Shoes, Finger nails AND Earrings Were ALL
The Same Shade of GREEN.

2nd OLDER Woman - Had Matching TigerStripe Shoes AND FaceMask.

Glenn Osborn
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