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With his permission, I am posting an article by Bob Schwarztrauber from his email newsletter, I think it is a good article.

“The sun'll come out tomorrow…”

Great happy, positive, inspirational song from the Broadway hit musical, “Annie”

Everything will be OK, says the smiling, curly haired, cute-as-a-button orphan.

Most freelance writers feel that way too.

Even when times are hard. When they’re struggling to just pay the bills
as they pursue the BIG FUTURE PAYDAY with great confidence.

Tomorrow. Everything will be OK tomorrow.

Or soon.

“We still have enough to get by on, for now at least.”

But just being able to pay your current bills won’t cut it.

Because there’s a thief in the background, 2 actually, lurking in the shadows.

Quietly stealing your future dollars, the ones you think will
make life so much easier. Stolen, even before you get them.

The first thief's name is DEPRECIATION.

He works day and night. Stealing life from your car, your washer and dryer, your hot water tank,
your furniture. He’ll break your plumbing one day, maybe your electric, or cable too.

He’s up on the roof now. It may take him another 20 years, but he’ll surely destroy your shingles. You’ll pay for that...big time.

He has an accomplice, his name is INFLATION.
You know him by name, even if you haven’t caught him outright stealing your wealth.
He works so quietly. So slowly you hardly even notice him. Penny here. Dime there.

Whatever amount you think is “good enough” now, it isn’t.

There are thieves among us. Stealing our future.

Quietly punching holes in the bottom of our wealth bucket.

Sadly, it’s futile trying to beat them.

Best you start filling your wealth bucket faster than they can drain it.

Get ahead of the game.

The sun will surely come out tomorrow, or at least one day very soon.

The question you must ask everyday is:

Will I ever be able to enjoy that sun from a tropical resort...

...or will I be spending my future paying for my idle time now?

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on my new for 2021 Report,

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To your wealth,

Very useful information, thank you so much for your post!
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