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Barbara Camisa
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Default Re: Stargazing Ceiling Murals

Hi Jason,

I absolutely adore gazing at the stars. Since I'm fairly new to southern California, I reside in an apartment. I'm aiming to buy my first SoCal house that will have a room that has a large skylight for gazing at the stars from indoors. In the meanwhile, I certainly would pay for your stars mural for my bedroom in my apartment. Actually, since I wouldn't care to have a skylight in my bedroom (call it leftover NYC neurosis; skylight anywhere is pushing the issue), I'd still go for your stars mural in my bedroom at my new home.

I like your hotels idea. I also think it would be a good idea to capture a great pic of your work to display on your site.

Barbara Camisa

> I have been doing these Stargazing Ceiling
> Murals for about 4 years. I donít do a lot
> of them but I always make $100 an hour when
> I do them. I just did two kids room last
> week for $400 and I was only there 4 hours.

> There has never been another business that
> Iíve owned where everybody I do one for is
> in complete awe when Iím done, everyone just
> loves them. Itís the greatest feeling. In my
> auto detailing business I never hear great
> job, but if you miss something you will sure
> hear about it.

> I have been trying to put together a
> marketing program for hotels, motels, B&Bís,
> resorts, etc. a program where they almost
> beg me to put up my Stargazing Ceiling
> Murals and I think I am on the right track.
> I would like to get your feedback to fine
> tune my program. I have been using some of
> these techniques in my detailing business
> (very successfully) where the auto dealers
> donít pay until after the vehicle is sold
> and they love it. Please check it out
> Thank You,
> Jason Hatchett