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Brent Whinfield
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Default Re: I love that idea! + Questions

Hi Boyd,
Thanks for responding.
I can understand your concern.
We have to be extremely
cautious these days when it
comes to the subject of spam.

However, you can rest assured
that your email will NOT be
considered spam.


Simply because you're offering
a customized service for that
particular website.

You obviously took the time
to visit, and scrutinize the
site before using your
trusty Xenu.

You're also offering a
valuable service for a
reasonable amount of

The webmaster understands
all of this. He may, or
may not accept your offer.
But he certainly WOULDN'T
consider it spam.

Mario is quite correct when
he says this definitely is
not spamming.

The beauty of this is, if you
set aside a minimum of fours
hours daily to do this, you'll
enjoy a very nice income.

This is just my way of giving
back, and to say thank you to
all the many individuals here
who have posted helpful info.

I believe it's imortant for us
all to share helpful info.

God bless.
Brent Whinfield
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> Hi,

> Would such an offer be considered Spam?
> Could the webmaster you approach hammer you
> in some way? Would there be an advantage to
> setting up a domian purely for email
> purposes?

> Thanks very much for posting that, dude!

> Best,

> - Boyd