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Default Where Gary Halbert was blind!

I love the writings of the late Gary Halbert. You know how I can tell I love them?

It's because I keep going back to his website, and reading his newsletters... Some of them are so fascinating...

His writing style draws me in!

However, I was just reading one of the newsletters, and was thinking... Gary, you've gotten this one wrong!

Do you want to know what I'm talking about?

Here's what Gary wrote...
Well, guess what? In spite of all my successes, all my luck, all my doing everything just so... that "sweet spot"... has always managed to elude me. Finally, as we approach the beginning of an entirely new century, I have managed to figure out why I can't find that "sweet spot." Simply put...

It Don't

Not in this world anyway. Show me a guy worth 100 gazillion dollars and I guarantee, he won't be in that "sweet spot." He'll have 167 things on his "to do" list. He won't have enough time or energy to have a real and satisfying relationship with a member of the opposite sex. And he'll frantically be trying to juggle 30,000 balls in the air all at the same time.

Show me the very best marriage or relationship you know about. Show me a couple so "right" for each other they absolutely "glow" when they are together. Let me hire a private detective to record their lives with hidden microphones and TV cameras... and then... I guarantee you will be astonished at how much stress they are dealing with in their lives!

Show me any retired person you know. Pick someone who has meticulously prepared for his or her retirement. Let's put the hidden cameras and microphones on that person and what will we find? Unexpected aches and pains? Loneliness? Despair? Poor health? Depression? Etc.
From here -

Gary was a very talented copywriter and marketer... But it's no secret that he wasn't very good at investing his money for a rainy day.

So, people who knew him directly have told me that financially, he had his ups and downs...

So how was Gary wrong? He's assuming that everyone is just like him...

Let me give you an example...

A guy who has 2 million bucks, and invested it in something that was giving him even just a 5% return... Is making $100k a year, doing nothing! (How do you make a 5% passive return? One way would be the rental income on property.)

So what about this guy Gary mentions worth "100 gazillion dollars?" I guarantee, someone worth that much has investments, and they are making a lot of passive income money on that!

So what's the point of this? It's great to make a great income from your "sweat," like Gary did...

But what's also wise, is to learn how to invest it when you do make it!

What kind of investments? There are all kinds. But I think the best kinds are those which, themselves, earn an income as well...

Best wishes,

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