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Old November 28, 2017, 02:09 PM
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Default Time frame targets for 2018

This from the Secrets of Seed Faith Planting, Tending and Harvesting report

The seed planting process has these components.
– An idea of what you want, as detailed as possible, the “mold”.
– A time frame for the seed to take root, grow and to be harvested.
– An action plan, as seen by the Pyramid of Accomplishment (Action)
– Awareness of the exits on the POA, possible obstacles to overcome
– Adjustment of activity, doing what aids the thought seed.
– Attitude of Gratitude in all you do

Today we will look at TIME. Two basic types of time goals, those you set for yourself and the time of events. Example, the STORY EXPO will be in NYC March 17-18. I'll be there with one of my kids, her agent and maybe a collaborator. We will be pitching.

So there is a DATE in the future which will come and go. That is an event date. We have time targets within that, Feb 1 to have our scripts ready for review, Feb 14 to have all arrangements made. That sort of a thing.

Since we are using the FINANCIAL path as our example in the report and here too, here is how you can set up your time targets for 2018.

For an example:

You decide to have a blog. You want to set up a blog about self help/self improvement. You have a goal to create and acquire products and to teach and HELP other people. A worthy, albeit slightly universal goal. But good for you.

What do you have to teach? This goes back to our previous posts about GIVING from a perspective of what you have to offer, instead of trying to GET.

Say you have some experience as a golf coach. You want to use golf as the central concept in your blog, you will use golf as a metaphor for life, and in the blog you will post content, some golf related, but in general on how to benefit from the metaphor.

You set a first goal for your blog. I want my golf/life metaphor blog to be live on April 5, to coincide with the MASTERS, the start of golf season for most.

You will need to have it up and running, so a checkpoint goal could be March 15th, MY Wordpress themed blog should be thoroughly tested by March 15. It should have most bugs and kinks and learning curve done my March 1. I will get the software ready in Feb. with my domain and hosting. I will have a fully fleshed out concept by the end of Jan.

I have from now until Jan. 28 th to look for golf related concepts and ideas which could be dovetailed into the blog, which is about SELF HELP, SELF CONTROL through using golf as my metaphor.

So there is one type of timeline, when to START, at least go public. And you have backward chained YOUR actions. But there could be EVENTS which will also be on your timeline too. Maybe you need to start with learning how to blog... (NO AFFILIATION)

The above site gives a good overview of building your blog, so you would allot X amount of time between now and say, Jan. 15 to go through this and other trainings to lay the FOUNDATION of what you will be building on.

Now let us put it into Manifestation/SQ1 speak and look at it:

This is from the MASTER PICTOGRIGM and includes the graphic from the report, this one includes the thought bubble.

Staying with the example, the tip of the POA is the first DESTINATION/STOP on the way to a bigger goal, say 5k a month income from your golf/life blog by Dec. 7, 2018

Before you can hit that goal, you have to have a blog, which is the starting point to money but as you see it isn't the starting point for thought.

You want to offer value, right. You want to help and teach people. You need a platform to do this. You have chosen a Wordpress Blog. You first must know, or gain KNOWLEDGE of how a WP blog works, and how to shape it and eventually to monitize it to the point of the 5k per month goal.

Are you with me?

Good. The POA says first step is to go to belief, the Master Pictogrigm shows where belief is, in the thought bubble. Here is the MASTER PICTOGRIGM words version:

Look at the thought bubble above our traveler's head.

You KNOW there is time between NOW and when the event/goal arrives. Planned events come and go. Some come every year, like Christmas. These are fixed on our calendars. Some events come every year like the Masters Tournament, but the dates change. But still on the calendar we can clearly plan for.

But your goals? They are only on the calendar of your mind. In order for them to manifest on your lifeline, you have to get from where you are to where you want to go, as the POA shows, in time increments.

Your MOVEMENT along the lifeline, your ACTION steps are the result of your decisions and we can follow those back up into the bubble to see actions begin with thoughts, and are connected to our body.

The body has to make the motions, be they typing on the keyboard, sitting at the desk and focusing on learning all because you WANT something, the motivation of action comes from desire to have the RESULT.

You'll see this all comes full circle back to WHAT DO YOU WANT AND WHY?

As we've discussed, wants are fickle, easily changed with the winds of the day. Shiny objects, fear of missing out on something else, diverse interests which go unbridled and dissipate energies...but the WHY is deeper, goes to self and the SQ1 shows you how to take charge and control your why, and your behaviors.

This should be most helpful to those who have the report, and it is not for sale, but your gifts are greatly appreciated. As you first read the report, it may not touch your AH HA moment, but these posts and USE of the SQ1 will surely show you how much VALUE you have chosen to receive for your gift.


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