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Old September 6, 2020, 11:56 AM
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Default IDEAS from the report I didn't write.

Well. I'm waiting until after the election to release my next report, although, that is a PLAN, and if nothing else, I've been known to dismount the horse in midstream...or as I prefer, ADJUST the motion.

Anyhow, I did some heavy research which is sitting on my desktop, so I thought I would share, my top 7 ideas for starting a business, and which ones to start...all but ONE, are online. No big surprises, but before I just give you a list, let me start with my ONE/TWO question I've asked for decades now.

What do you want? And WHY?

The big three for most people are FINANCIAL assurance, or Independence as any one person thinks of it...
freedom to locate anywhere.

TIME freedom.
Of the three, I have for about 30 years now, chosen TIME FREEDOM as my number one why. Although I can generate whatever money is needed to get me to whatever location I some of you have seen over the years here. My last travel adventure was several years ago, and I have very little desire to see anything other than the banks of the Cuyahoga River, although San Diego in the Winter might be a good thing for me.

So, WHY do you or would you want to start a business today? In these very uncertain times, with millions of jobs being lost or replaced by technology or for economic reasons.

I always want people to begin with the WHY, and my big three could differ from your big 3, 5 or 7 reasons why.

So feel free to add on but for the sake of this post, I'll stick with MY 3 BIG FREEDOMS

FREEDOM of time, to do whatever you want during your day.
FREEDOM of financial concern, to earn, make or get as much income as you want and need.
FREEDOM of location, to go anywhere you want or to stay put.

Those are my big 3, what are my top 7 businesses I would start today, in Sept. 2020 keeping those goals in mind? They are:

1) INFORMATION marketing, which can include blogs, membership sites, video and audio. It has always been my number one, it isn't going away any time soon. Your knowledge, skills and experiences are what I call STORED VALUE, and they can be a great source of income once you get it out of your head and put it into circulation. I can name 10 SowPubbers who I know for a fact are sitting on Acres of Diamonds, but for some reason, refuse to mine it.

2) AFFILIATE marketing, with so many different choices and how to's. Sure, there are Clickbank and JVZoo type products, or Amazon or even local products and services one can be affiliated with and collect some decent coin. It is in CHOOSING what sort of an affiliate do you want to be, and how it matches up to your GOALS.

3) TEACHER, COACH, CONSULTANT. I think the line is blurry between all of these, but it involves YOU offering your knowledge to other people. Now, of course, it can be done and probably should be done with #1, Information Products, as a part of it. But be it one to one, or one to the masses, with the future looking more and more like ONLINE lifestyles for millions, it is a good time to share what you know or can do with others.

4) WRITING. With more millions of non English speaking people trying to start an ONLINE business, the demand for writing will continue to soar.

Writers have so many options it boggles the mind, the opportunity is huge and if you can TEACH writers, especially how to market themselves, you have a vein of gold to mine for many moons to come.

5) LEAD GENERATION. Get leads, sell leads. Call it arbitrage if you want (I don't), but standing between people who need customers and people who need those goods and services is a toll booth which can provide you with all your desires. It is an evergreen niche, and you can expert down or up to any level you want. So many ways to get leads, so many leads to sell.

6) SOFTWARE, APPS, all things computer/cell. We have a few members who have developed apps here, and others with their hands in the software game. Nothing stops you from joining in, always will be a demand for GAMES, and for PRODUCTIVITY tools. If you have existing knowledge, you have a big leg up, if not, you have some schooling to get, eh?

7) HOMEMADE, HANDMADE ...CUSTOMIZED. Dien pointed out the Blacksmith in Rochester who makes custom knives and all things smithy...and ETSY is all about one of a kind, one off, custom made items. It is as big as ever, and plenty of nooks and crannies for you to find your niche in. This can be offline as well, many boutiques or brick and mortar stores will showcase your one of a kind or HOMEMADE items.

BONUS. #8 You didn't think you'd escape here without at least hearing about CHATTELING, the buying and selling of personal and corporate property, did you?

Here in Northeast Ohio, we are seeing a glut of used restaurant equipment, just a few months ago, a booming business, but with so many restaurants looking to close up...and prices falling, it has become a buy and store for later sell items. NOT my cup of coffee at all...I don't like storage.

But no matter what happens to the Internet, Cell phones, satellites, cable, TV, radio I know that I will be able to generate rapid profits by buying and selling stuff, it has been my bread and butter for decades now, and I'm not planning on abandoning it anytime soon.

NOW, I gave you some thumbnails. IF you want some details about any of them, just ask. I will no longer assume people are or will be interested in this stuff, so I'll leave it all alone. I did a lot of research, it is on my desktop, so if you do have interest, then ask your questions here and I'll do my best to answer as TIME allows.


Last edited by GordonJ : September 6, 2020 at 12:41 PM.
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