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Old October 3, 2006, 09:32 PM
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Default My story of Chattel......

Well not mine but my grandfathers.
If my grandfathers story makes you tired, just keep reading until the end,
I guarantee there is valuable info in the post.

My gramps is now about 80 and has been chatteling his whole life.
He started by going to auctions to fill his passion and SKILL.
Buying low and selling high is obviously the key.
Nio diff than palying the stock market really.
I have seen him go to a sale in his bib overhauls with a beat up brief case that contained $30,000 CASH!
What he would buy are things that he already had buyers for.
He owned a tavern in a small town and KNEW WHAT PEOPLE WANTED!
If he saw it at a sale, he would buy it low and sell it high.

You see Chatteling is no diff. than any other business.
Know what buyers want and deliver it to them at a fair price and you will be in business for a very long time (My gramps is almost 80 and has several people that still come to him that are looking for something particular almost 60 years later!)
If he sees it he
Simple stuff really!


I was about 15 when my gramps took me into his garage filled with
inventory ( I called it S*&t the time) and pointed at a gas can and said....
I paid a quarter for that, I'll bet I could get $5.00 at an swap meet for it!

At the time, I knew everything, but didn't we all at 15?
I dismissed it as a "who cares" story.

Now that I am older and have come to terms with the fact that I am not quit as smart as I once thought, I asked him about that gas can.
He told me the name of the person he sold it to and for how much....
$4.00 to ( the guy whos name escapes me)

WAIT that is an 800% profit.

Did you hear that 800%, I know for a fact that no retailer can even touch that and that is not taking into account their over head, my Ol' gramps has very little.

Buyimg and selling is all about.....
Sellers are easy to find for reasons that Gordon has pointed out in previous posts.
If you want to make money in Chattel, know what the buyers want and deliver!!!!!!!!

The following may be thought of as Chattel for the rich folk.

"How to make $70 grand in 10 minutes Chatteling"

I work with a guy who is a Mopar freak and goes to all of the big shows in the mid west.
There is one in Ohio someplace that was about a month or 2 ago that he went to (gordon you may know when and where????)
My friend that has an in with a wealthy guy in Minessoto who buys old Hemi Cudas for about $80K and Pays another of my friends buddys another $80K to restore them to original making it worth $250-$500K to the right buyer.

Anywho, this guy from Minestota bought a car at the show for $20K from someone and turned around and sold it 10 minutes later for $90K
No B.S.
It is true (even though I don't get it as i would rather have a new exotic sports car for that kind of dough) and yet another testimonial for the profits avail. to those that are aware of what buyers are looking for.
Give chatteling a try,
Have you found another way to turn an 800% profit?
Best wishes,
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Old October 5, 2006, 10:23 AM
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Default Re: My story of Chattel...... Why settle for 800% ???

The only thing stopping anyone from making over 800% profits
is a little belief in themselves and a lot of guts and action along with
knowing what to do and how to do it.

There is money to be made everyday buying low and selling high.

However. . ..

Little else can be as profitable as creating and selling your own
Advertising $pace. Space that costs you nothing can be $old for
Big Dollar$. It’s the ultimate Buy Low Sell High item.

Just put together a sample of any of Don Alm’s ad programs and
show it around to local businesses and you may be surprised at just
how easy it can be to pull money out of thin air provided you know
how to present it correctly. Here's proof it works if you do. . .

The Wifee and I are eating up the 10,000% profits from ads on Pizza Boxes and are now hungry to see how many of the Chinese take outs in town will take us up on free take out boxes with ads from our clients on them. Should be another part time venture that brings in more than 800% in profits as all it takes is a few sheets of paper and a pen to get the orders happening. No need to have $20,0000 to buy and trade cars or even .25/cents for a gas can. Your can scratch out a business plan on a empty pizza box with a .5/cent pencil and at the end of your first day have a $1500 cash profit.

Our first attempt above at the pizza box ads was in a very small town and we only sold 14 spots on our first attempt (not bad for one days work) so we plan on doubling our profits in the next town over which is much bigger!

Keep on smiling

Steve Shulenski

Everything you need to make 10000% Profits Can Be Found Here. .
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Old October 5, 2006, 11:10 AM
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Default Question for Steveski...

Do you print those ads on a sheet of paper, then glue that to the box? Or do you get the actual boxes with the ads printed directly on the box?

Just curious.

-- TW
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Old October 6, 2006, 10:28 AM
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Default buy the boxes

print out the 'directory' on your computer and glue them to the boxes...I am guessing...

the best price I could find for those was about 75 cents EACH in lots of 10K
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Old October 5, 2006, 06:27 PM
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Default Re: My story of Chattel...... Why settle for 800% ???

We are still looking for a good source in Oz to get the boxes from and have them printed at the same time so these were just wallpapered onto the boxes. It was easy to do because all of the advertisers were clients who had also advertised in our “Welcome Baskets” and on our MemoBoards so most were happy to give it a try. It’s no problem to get boxes printed up in
the states. Not as many choices in Australia.


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Old October 6, 2006, 12:18 AM
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Default Re: My story of Chattel......

Wow, you have to stick these on how many boxes?
Labor is not my love, so this may not be for me.
Labor is expensive even if it is not you doing it.
Would it be less expensive for you to import the orders from China or elsewhere?
There are several exporters that will do it for you.
I would think that it would be less expensive for you to import them from another country than it would be to stick them all on the boxes yourself or even to pay labor to do it.
I am sure that many of the ideas that "he" presents will work as they do in many parts of the country.
I just think that it would be best to learn from someone that has actually done it.

I am interested in your programs Steve so.....
What would you charge to send me the acual pizza box and coffee mug with ads that you have sold?
I will pay a fair amount to see and feel the layout and such.
Being a marketer myself, I am not really interested in the marketing advice.

KEEP Grinning!
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Old October 6, 2006, 01:59 AM
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Default Helpful link?...


-- TW
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Old October 6, 2006, 02:26 AM
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Default Re: My story of Chattel......

Sorry Jason, We are just offering Don's Midas report along with reports and photos of what we have done. You can get mug samples from Woody and you can make up your own pizza boxes. Just hire a graphic artist to help you. Your augrument about labour being too expensive doesn't make sense to me. Its all about saving time and leveraging your efforts by having others do the labour but hey you already know everything you need so roll up your shirt sleeves and go to work.


Last edited by SteveSki : October 6, 2006 at 03:03 AM.
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Old October 7, 2006, 10:39 PM
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Default Re: My story of Chattel......

Originally Posted by SteveSki View Post
Your augrument about labour being too expensive doesn't make sense to me. Its all about saving time and leveraging your efforts by having others do the labour but hey you already know everything you need so roll up your shirt sleeves and go to work.


I agree about leveraging your efforts by having others do your labor.
What I was trying to state, as I said in my original post, was it would be to costly to pay someone to stick these on a pizza box for you.
What did you mean by " Wallpapered"?
Were you talking about a photoshop action or manually sticking these things on a pizza box.
If it is a photoshop action to sell your report, I understand.
If you are to spend your time sticking thousands of these to thousands of pizza boxes, I don't get it and this would be what I would not be interested in doing or even paying someone to do.

Another thing, after checking my math, I see that my original post is flawed.
My gramps spent .50 cents on the can in the story, not .25 cents like stated.

With that said, your stating you and your wifee are enjoying 10,000% profits is obsured and misleading.
It could also be said that my gramps made "infinite%" in profit as he also has sold somethings he has aquired for free at a sale he was attending to get something else specific.
It could be true that you and the wifee are getting 10,000% if you yourself got the blank boxes for free, however I am willing to guess that that is not the case.
The next question is.....
If the real estate on a pizza box is so valuable ( which I believe it is), and you can convince 14 local businesses that it is, how do you convince a savy pizza shop owner to turn over all of that space to you simply for $.50/ box?
The display image that you show doesn't even aknowledge the pizza shop!
This is nuts... ....
If I were an owner of a pizza shop and have invested $50,000 - $250,000 in its success, I most certainly would not "hand over" such valuable real estate for a few pennies!

BTW the reason I asked you to purchase your stuff was only to help you as well as me, as joint venture, if you will. I noticed whomever is printing ( or placing printed cards) on your mugs doesn't offer quality sublimation printing and I could set you up with a quality printer that offers sublimation here in the US that will offer you a quality mug that the colors match and guarantee that the ads are not crooked.
If you would like to continue this JV opportunity further, please contact me via email or PM here at the forum
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Old October 8, 2006, 08:04 AM
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Default Re: My story of Chattel...... End of story.

Jason you just don’t get it and something tells me you never will.
I have no interest in taking you on as a partner. My wife and I don’t
need a third party telling us how they wouldn’t do things our way.
Thanks but no thanks.

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