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Old October 31, 2018, 02:33 PM
Glenn Glenn is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Oct 2006
Posts: 1,054
Default Big-Red-Nose-Club Members ONLY

Thanks Gordon,

We have an ELITE - TOP SECRET Group of Bored
Entrepreneurs who call or email us up At the
"Millionaire Mastermind Marketing Association" and
"Big Red Nose Club New Idea Testing Ezine" and say, "I'm Bored.
Give me Something DANGEROUS to Test."

And what do you think We Answer?

We Say, "Sure. How CRAZY do you Feel today? Which one of the following NUT BUNNY - Mad Scientist - No-Net-To-Save-Your-Ass -
B*ILLION D*OLLAR Ideas do you wanna TRY OUT FIRST?

Below is the letter I
Added Lots of Case Study
Details to.

You can follow along as we Make New Discoveries
via The MAGIC of the MASTERMIND.

I confess.

This is the part of the MASTERMIND CONCEPT I Like Best. The Unpredictable,
Dangerous - Dunno what will happen next aspect.

FOR the 2018 Holidays we're building
an Entire new Website for BIG RED NOSERS.

Notorious Big Red Nose Club Guide
On How To Grab Extra C*ash By Helping
Us Test B*illion D*ollar Ideas That
TRUST LEVELS Are Required for Success.

Long Story/Short: IF I QUALIFY - You Can Join A SECRET Big Red Nose Club
Mastermind Group Of Brilliant/Bored Entrepreneurs Who
ENJOY Testing DANGEROUS New Ideas We Spot Groups of
Self Made B*illionaires Using.

(EDITORS NOTE - The Following Letter was Written to Answer Recent REQUESTS on How To JOIN the EXCLUSIVE Big Red Nose Group.)

Thanks for Asking about the Big Red Nose
Test to Find People Who exhibit - COCKSURETY.



HOW IT ALL STARTED - MASTERMIND MEMBER - Saw a Comedian tell a joke about Red Clown Nose stopping road Rage.

That Entrepreneur wore a clown nose
And waved at 2 pretty women at red light on his way to work.

They pulled over and got his number!
For a double date.

He told me about it. He is married. So had to toss out their Digits.

BECUZ this Guy is a Super SALESMAN… I knew he had gotten Massive Levels of TRUST very fast - BEFORE he put on the CLOWN NOSE. Or he couldn’t have gotten 2 Phone #’s from 2 Perfect Strangers.

SO I Tested The RED NOSE Idea Myself.

Step I - I pulled up beside a car full of coeds at a red Light. I did a small wave to the Coed in the Back Seat.

Step II - She finger wiggled back. So I SMILED and Waved Bigger.

Step III - Another Girl spotted my wave. And that I had a connection with the SHY little brunette in the back seat.

STEP IV - While they were TEASING her about her “Relationship” with an older man. I bent over and got my RED CLOWN NOSE out of the Glove Compartment.

STEP V - Put it on. Then TURNED and Gave a HUGE SMILE and Wave to ALL 6 Girls in the car. Who were ALL Looking at me by now.

STEP VI - It was Like a SCREAM BOMB had gone off. The coeds were Laughing so Hard they could Barely draw breathe to SCREAM.

The HOWLING went on and on.

Then their Car Started to Wobble and Bounce around. All of the Girls were Jumping up and down. Hanging out the windows in GLEE.

I Figured I had done my good DEED for the Day. PUT a SMILE on 6 Girls Faces. So I slowly drove away as the Light Changed.

2nd test Car to Car - Again - I was at a Red Light. Only 2 cars. Me and a Car full of African Americans with their MUSIC Blaring.

I got my RED NOSE Ready.

But since they were in the Fast Lane (Me in slow lane 3 lanes over) - BEHIND ME - and to my far Left - I Started Waving my ARMS out my window to the music.

I heard the words, “I’m gonna show that white boy how it’s done.” And a black gal jumped out of their car. Started shaking her hips as she walked around Their Car.

I Jumped out of my car. (Quick Like a Bunny - No time. Cuz the Light was gonna Change.)

Wiggled my hips and Arms some. TO GREAT Laughter.

Then put on my RED CLOWN Nose.


Pointed Both arms at the Girl Dancer. Gave her a BIG THUMBS up.

Then got back in MY car and Drove off.


You guessed it. By Warming things up by Arm Waving. Then Staggering Around
outside to the music. By the time I put on my RED NOSE - They LIKED ME. Thought I was a funny - skinny white dude.

And When I put on my RED Nose - the Lady dancer Started SCREAMING with Laughter to the point where she could Barely Stand Up.

Great fun.

3rd test on little boy in back seat at a Stop Light.

I waved at him.

He waved Back.

I put on my Red nose and waved. He Laughed. Then Reached into the front seat to poke his mom.

Quick as a Flash I TOOK off my RED NOSE.

I drove away during a HUGE ARGUMENT. Obviously The kids Parents were Trying to convince him he was SEEING things.

4th RED NOSE TEST - Hooters Restaurant - Sat with 4 college guys i met in line.

Bet them i could get the waitress to wear clown nose.

(They pay for lunch if i win)

Then offered Hooters Waitress 20.00 bill or 20 Lotto tickets

And, of course, i was wearing MY Red Nose.

Plus i told her to expect bigger tips due to extra male attn.* Which DID happen.


I met every guy in HOOTERS on my way out the door.* The Manager was coming after me. And he was NOT Laughing.

Apparently I had created a DISRUPTION.

Wow did we get LOTS of Attention!

Lots of Yelling and Pointing too. Cuz the Hooters Gal was wearing the RED NOSE and so were all the guys at My Table. So it was CLEAR who the Culprits were.

In the ensuing RIOT - the manager was blocked. And I escaped out the door.
I didn’t EXPECT to create a Riot.

It just Happened.

RED NOSE TEST #5 - Wally - A Bored Special Forces guy, who was back in college on the GI bill But HATED MUSIC APPRECIATION.

Asked me to help him STIR THINGS UP.

I told him my Hooters story.

He loved the IDEA.

(EDITORS NOTE - We Tried to Guess what would happen. EZ to figure out the Professor would HATE the Red Nose Speech. The coeds would Laugh. The college boys we couldn’t Guess their reaction.

Wally started his speech - then bent to put Red Nose on. Stood back up and kept talking.


Girls pointing and Cheering. Much Applause. But the Professor went to the back of the room. And criticised everything Wally said.

THAT Was Predictable.

Wally was SAYING - without words - “Your Music Class is Boring.”

Weird Result.

We Never would have guessed THIS REACTION in a Million Years.

The Red Nose story got all over campus.

Little nerd college guys would scurry up to Wally and say, " Are you the Red Clown Nose Guy? "

"I want to shake your hand.




I Warned Willy we did not know what might happen.
But after jumping out of planes - all over the world.

Wally wanted some excitement.



This is the test to Join
The BIG RED NOSE CLUB. Which Earns you FIRST DIBS on the Various WILD and CRAZY Strategies using by Self Made B*illionaires around the world.

That is just the Tip of the iceberg!

Lots more Crazy than that.

We Order Red foam clown noses at by the dozen.

Please let me know
What you want to Try.

I can advise you based on 100's of
BIG RED NOSE TESTS over 22 years.

Big Red Nose Mastermind MAD SCIENTIST Tester.

P.S. - Here is a Link to some of the Red Clown Noses I buy.
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Old October 31, 2018, 02:37 PM
Glenn Glenn is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Oct 2006
Posts: 1,054
Default Book #1 - "How You Can Make MUNNY Flirting w/Pretty Girls

Thanks Dien,


“How You Can Make Munny Flirting w/Pretty Girls”


Using Discoveries Made By Our World-Wide-Flirt-Tip-Testing
Mastermind Network.

BECAUSE we Hide B*illion D*ollar Ideas Inside FLIRT TIPPING
Case Studies to Make it Easy For BIG RED NOSE CLUB Members
to Test Hi-Leverage S*ales Ideas without Having to RISK Losing a S*ale.

For Example:

You Are Benefitting from MASSIVE ***NEER*** LEVERAGE Every Time You FLIRT TIP in a Local Restaurant or Business.


***A - Why You Cannot Find NEER Details anywhere else.

***B - How NEER is Different and Better than Ordinary Referrals

***C - How We SNEAKED NEER into Flirt Tip Testing Case Studies and Testimonials to Virtually GUARANTEE your Flirt Tipping Success.

***A - Why You Cannot Find NEER Details anywhere else.

NEER stands for (Naturally Existing Economic Relationship) Selling.

426 Mil Mentor - Walter Hailey - Grossed B*illions with his NEER Self Referral System. Started, Built, Took Public and s*old 4 Companies in 4 Different Industries.

Wrote down, Recorded or VideoTaped DETAILS on How His B*illion D*ollar NEER Referral Sales System worked. He told me, “NEER is my hidden Advantage over all my competitors.”

We S*old 17 seats at the 10K bootcamp Walter held in his home.
We P*aid Walter 44K to come back again and again.

To Get Those Details and NEER Questions Answered.

***B - How NEER is Different and Better than Ordinary Referrals

We all grew up with “Regular Referral Systems.”

But have you Really THOUGHT about how “Normal” Referral Systems Might be More difficult than they need to be. Maybe even BROKEN?


Normally You and I Are Asking our Businesss Contacts to REFER Us to their Customers. People who are P*AYING them munny.

FEAR Blocks most Referrals!


Because The Business owner who MIGHT REFER is SCARED you will do something that makes his buyer MAD. And Stop Doing Business with him.

You say, “Oh. I never thought of that.”

Well - Walter Did.

Here is How Walters NEER Referral System Works:

I - You Get an Appointment with ONE PHONE call because you ONLY
ASK your Suppliers for Referrals. (You pay The Supplier munny - so he HAS to Talk to a good customer.)

II - Your Supplier MAKES MORE MUNNY - Each time she Refers. Cuz as your Business Grows (With each of their Referrals) You b*uy More of that Suppliers Products and Services.

III - After You EXPLAIN How That Supplier Makes MORE Munny With every Referral They Give you. They are EAGER to Refer You Dozens of Clients.

IV - And JUST SUPPOSE you Help the Supplier USE NEER to Get NEW BUYERS from their Suppliers? (You can ASK FOR and Get New Clients from your Suppliers VEndors too! In Fact they are HAPPY to Reciprocate.)


ASK YOURSELF this Question - “How do Getting Referrals Via NEER - and My Business Suppliers Help me be more Successful FLIRT TIPPING at Local Restaurants, NightClubs, Banks, Food Stores?”

Let’s THINK.


Fire up the Old Brain Cells.

NEER Gives you Massive Referral P-ROFIT LEVERAGE because You Ask Your Suppliers for Referrals. Business Owners You PAY REGULARLY.


Q #1 - Don’t You Pay Munny to Your FAVORITE Local Restaurants, Sports Bars, Dry Cleaners, Wal-Mart, Grocery Store, Bank Manager, Car Dealership?

Q #2 - Do Your Competitors Flirt Tip 1.00 Bills and Lotto Tickets and 1.00 LED IceCubes BEFORE and DURING Meals - to the Waitress?

Q #3 - Do You See Anybody ELSE Sending LOTTO Ticket Tips Back to the Cooks in the Kitchen VIA the waitress?

QUESTION #4 - Does Anyone But YOU Apply “Andrew Carnegie’s B*illion D*ollar Competition SECRET. To Compete the Waitress and The Cooks AGAINST Each other in a Race to See Who WINS the most LOTTO Munny?

As Homer Simpson would say, “DUH”

Heck no.

You Can Be THE KING or THE QUEEN at Any Local Restaurant or other Retail Establishment that you Patronize Frequently.

Everybody KNOWS Your Name. (As the Cheers TV Jingle goes.)

Everybody WANTS to Help you.

KEEP READING to Find Out How Our Clients are Making Munny and Getting Customer Referrals from the Pretty Girls they Flirt Tip Regularly.


P.S. - You Want to Know More about The Self Referral System Walter Hailey
grossed a B*illion dollars with?

I Wrote an Ebook About NEER and How We Use it to help 12 Clients.
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Old October 31, 2018, 02:44 PM
Glenn Glenn is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Oct 2006
Posts: 1,054
Default CH#2-How To Get Affluent HomeOwners To Come Over to You

Thanks Gordon,


Big RED Nose NLP Testing Club Ezine #3747

Dear Friend,

Thanks to the Lazy-Minded-Majority Way of thinking -- 99% of S*ales people
think the ONLY way to get a Prospective B*uyer to PURCHASE is to CHASE THEM.

What does this BAD HABIT Mean for YOU?

The REST of us Have ZERO Competition when we ATTRACT PEOPLE to us
Instead of CHASE them like all others.

And every Prospect is HAPPY because They Think Coming over to you to Talk and B*UY was THEIR IDEA.

Perfect Example:

New Member of our Real Estate Mastermind Group sent me a Brilliant LOTTO Ticket Tipping Story.

I wrote him this Note Explaining
How my LOTTO TICKET Flirt Tip Tests
Can ATTRACT affluent Home owners over to him. (So He doesn't have to START a COLD Conversation. Just have Fun Answering Questions - while he gets RAPPORT..)

Cecil is a RABID Football Fan.

HECK of a Fantastic Niche to sell into.

Where do we know a niche Group of affluent Football Fans
will be on Game Day?

OUTSIDE the Stadium BBQ Grilling.

I 100% Guarantee This STRATEGY (SEE BELOW) will have R*ich Home owners coming up to Cecil.


Cuz during my LOTTO TIPPING Tests in Restaurants.

The food Grade FLASHING LED Ice Cubes (Cost about 1.00 each)
ALREADY attract kids, parents, extra waiters AND THE MANAGER.


When you Ask, "How do You Make Lotto Ticket Flirt Tipping PAY OFF?"

Here is ONE WAY.

ACTION PLAN - (How to Attract Affluent Football Fans over to your Truck in the Parking Lot. If U spend 25K on a Tail Gate BBQ Rig - You Own a Big Home too.)

Thanks Cecil,,

HOW TO NETWORK with Affluent BBQ TailGaters at FootBall Games

Just Spoke to Mr C.

He tells me you Might not know how to START a conversation with the affluent BBQ Tailgaters in the parking lot outside football games AT THE STADIUM.


Let them come to you!

For Example:

I've been Testing Instant Freeze Dried Food in Pouches. I Flirt tip the waitress into bringing me a cup of boiling water.

Pour it in. And Tested a couple dozen Freeze Dried Recipes. (One per restaurant visit) Found 2 I like.

in 10 minutes I have a Hot Spaghetti Meal.

JUST SUPPOSE you took a Can of My FAVORITE Freeze Dried Spaghetti and Meat Balls to a Tail Gating Party.

Put down the tail gate of your Pick up truck.

Table Cloth




Ice water to drink

Plus A Thermos of boiling water

And a CAN of Freeze Dried Spaghetti - 2 Cups make a meal.

EVERY DARN Tail Gater who PASSES by will Ask you, "WHAT IN THE HADES are you eating?"

heh heh heh

I buy my Freeze Dried Spaghetti from - it's about 8 bucks cheaper than the Mountain House website.

Here is the Link...


P.S. - Just to MAKE SURE lots of folks come over to chat.

Put a LED Ice Cube in your Clear Plastic Water Glasses
so they FLASH 10 Different Colors.

AND give away LED iceCubes to Others.

I do this in Restaurants and Meet lots of kids, their parents AND the Manager.

2nd Example -

A LOTTO TICKET FLIRT Type Test...That Made Thousands of D*ollars.
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Old October 31, 2018, 03:01 PM
Glenn Glenn is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Oct 2006
Posts: 1,054
Default CH#3A - How 4 LOTTO Tickets Made Zeke 950 Bucks

Thanks Dien,


“How PRACTICE-Lotto-Ticket-Flirting With Pretty Girls
Builds You “CHOPS” You Can Use To Make-Money ELSEWHERE…”


Since I have a 1.00 bet with an Affluent Client in Macau China - that it will BE
YEARS and YEARS before ai-robots can Legally Drive Cars (without a driver) in
the USA. And Bob-the-Tesla-Car-Owner thinks Driverless Cars are Right Around
the Corner. HA! (Check out Letter “C” Below. Robot Are Not READY for This!)


Because I Just Experienced The FLAT TIRE FROM HELL.

Chapter #3 Contains:

A - “How 4 Instant Scratch Off LOTTO Tickets Make Zeke 950 Bucks”

B - “Lotto Ticket Strategy to Get LEADS for A Home Flipping Biz - “

C - “How I Pocketed 70 Bucks Fixing The FLAT Tire From HELL “

“How 4 Instant Scratch Off LOTTO Tickets Make Zeke 950 Bucks”

Hey Glenn!

I’ve been doing great jus wanna tell ya that I used lotto tickets to negotiate a price on a truck!

It’s a 1996 dodge ram 1500 single cab but it’s a start lol especially after the wreck.

But n e who I’ve been working my 9-5 now I work at the airport (Hartsfield Jackson international) doing the ceilings there.

I was on my lunch break talking to guy that works for another trade (electric company) bout the attorney that I used for my accident and we happened to come across him selling his sons truck. The son was gone in the marines and he wanted to sell his truck because he was gonna buy all new everything when he came home.

So I asked him how much he was selling it for he said he was let it go for 2100. Now for that truck and the low miles for the year it had on it that wasn’t a bad price! So I asked him can I come to check it out. We set up a time for that weekend around 2 or 3 pm. I was so nervous going to look at the truck because I only had was 800 bucks on me lol and I had to pay 38 of that to a uber jus to get there!

So I get there it’s a very nice truck he started it up and let me test drive it around. When everything was said and done it was time to show the cash. I looked him dead in his eyes and said to be honest I don’t have what your asking for the truck whats will be the lowest you’ll take? He thought about it for a sec then he said 1750. I said is that your very bottom dollar? He said it wasn’t his truck to sell but to oversea the sell and that’s what his son said that’s the lowest.

So I pulled out my 800 and asked him would he take that to not sell it to no one else.

He said that’ll be cool then I pulled out my last 4 lotto tickets and gave it to him and said thank you! He gave me a weird look and started to smile while asking me whats are these for?

I told him I hopefully jus gave you the rest I’m short by and I’m pretty lucky. He laughed at me and took the tickets. He scratched one right then and there and kinda paused after he did. Then he said you were right I jus won 40 bucks off this ticket you jus gave me.

I Thought I Was Tripping!

I laughed and said told you so! He then said you know what here nd he gave me the keys and the title to the truck!!! I was shocked at first and thought I was tripping! I asked are you serious? He said yeah! So without giving it a second thought I shook his hand and thank him very much! He signed his sons name and I drove off in the truck!!! Ill send ya pics of it after I clean it up a little lol it has a lot of papers and junk thrown around in there.


“Lotto Ticket Strategy to Get LEADS for A Home Flipping Biz - “

Hi Glenn,

I met Sharon at the gas station. We both stood at our cars, and happened to glance over at each other at the same time. I could tell she's was a much older lady and looked a little agitated. She went into the store, and I purposely waited for her to exit so I could time her seeing me place a lotto scratch-off ticket in her windshield wiper.

When I saw her exit, I walked over to her car and begin placing the ticket. By this time, she had gotten back to the car, and ask what was I doing. I apologized to her, told her my name and said, "I'm sorry, but the Lord wanted me to give you this." I handed her the scratch off and walked back to my car. She asked, "That's it?", and I told her, Yes. While walking back to my car, I told her that I just wanted to be a blessing. She smiled and was shocked.*

A few days later, I happen to run into her at Kroger. While standing in the aisle talking, she told me that she used the ticket. I asked her to tell me about it. She said that day, she thought her debit card was acting up at the pump so she had gone inside to use it. Well.... it still declined. She didn't know why it was declining and was frustrated.

She said that she was going to sit and wait for a friend to bring her money for gas, and seeing me messing with her car wasn't anything she had time for at that moment. She said that after I left, she called her friend. While sitting there waiting, she*found out that things had come out of her account that put it in the red.

She had no money for gas and was pissed. Something told her to scratch the ticket, but she ignored it and continued to feel upset. The had the thought again and decided to go ahead and scratch the ticket. That ticket won her another ticket. She hesitantly walked back into the store to get another ticket; which she immediately scratched and won $20*bucks. She said that she screamed and cashed it in to get gas.*

She said that she wanted to call me and tried to remember the number that was on my door magnets, but couldn't remember. She thanked me with a big hug and took down my number.*

Of course you have my permission to use the testimony.* Joe

"590.00 Saved on New Tires From LOTTO Ticket Tipping - "

Thanks Glenn,

We spoke on the phone about some things that I'd received by USING*
Lotto Tipping

Okay .* .* .

The biggest one this year 2018 was at a Tire Repair/Replace Shop.**


I go in maybe an average of* 2-3 times a year. New tire, check up, a patch, rotation/alignment*
Always LOTTO TIP The Staff.

After a couple Years…

They Have
On Me!

So You get SPECIAL TREATMENT Written into the System
Pretty Nice...Isn't it?

Now I had 2 BAD back tires. One had a broken belt
and the other had gotten down to the rot.* The new
research, they say, about putting tires on SUVs/Trucks.

Put them on the BACK first. Of course the CHATTY
technician explains everything, ranks every tire and explains
ALL Options To Me!

I get a DEAL on the best 'Discoverer' tires. They look SNAZZY
$280 for 2 tires, I got for $250 due to VIP LOTTO STATUS

After waiting for the install, they bring my SUV around
I notice the SNAZZY Tires are on the FRONT instead!

After going in and tipping a couple more tickets…

The Manager Takes Care of it and I have a seat
waiting for them to fix it.

When he comes back, the Manager notes that I got TWO FREE TIRES
Now All 4 are the Awesome new tires. Normally $280.*
My jaw drops !*

. . . AMAZING ! . . .*

I got the whole other set for no charge. Gave the manager 2 lotto tickets more
and promised a great review on Google and social media
Which I will SHARE With Them Of Course for more bonus stuff

Almost $600 (590.00 total) worth of premium new tires on my car , no install or service fee , for just $255-260 or so if you COUNT Lotto Tickets.

Lotto Magic, Reciprocity Works !

Have Fun,

Turn to CH#3 Part B -- for the REST of the Story.

I just got this message:

1. The Text you have entered is too long (13091 characters) Please shorten it to 10000 Characters long.
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Old October 31, 2018, 03:04 PM
Glenn Glenn is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Oct 2006
Posts: 1,054
Default CHAPTER #3 - Part B

Thanks Gordon,

“How I Pocketed 70 Bucks Fixing The FLAT Tire From HELL “

How I Got My Flat-As-A-PanCake Truck Tire Replaced at 10.00 for 1 Hr of Labor
Instead of the 80.00 an Hour my Dealership Charges.

ALSO - How to Ethically BRIBE a Car Mechanic When You Run Out Of
Instant Scratch Off Lotto Tickets.


After hauling a big load of wood up to my porch the previous day I got a Phone
Call INVITE - from a friend - to go out to dinner.

Changed my Clothes. Got out to my Truck. The Back Right/Rear Tire is Flat.
Right Down to the Ground.

So My Friend and Girlfriend pick me up in their car.

It is DARK and The Back Seat Smells Like wet Dog. So I pull my Keys out with
the LED Light. Shine it on the Backseat.

Foot Wide Water Stains!

***Am I Sitting in Dog Pee?***

I ask Dan the Obvious Question. “There is a big Stain on the back seat. Am I sitting in dog pee?”

***Everything is Fine - DOG DROOL.***

Tabitha says, “No, No. You’re Fine. That’s Dog DROOL.”


TOO LATE NOW. Dunno about you. Dried Dog Urine. Dried Dog Drool. I’m NOT
EXCITED about sitting in either one.

I Decided (Silently) my pants were going STRAIGHT into the Washing Machine
when I got home.

***Mr Dog-Drool-Dan
Volunteers to Come over
the Next Day and Help
Me CHANGE my Flat Tire.

“I SAY, “Glad to have your help.”


I Get Up Early. And Pump that PANCAKE FLAT Tire Up with my hand pump. Just so you know. I counted. 170 Up and down strokes.

I DRIVE to a local Car Mechanic.

Marshal says, “Come back at 3:30pm and I’ll swap the fast leaking tire for your Spare tire.”

I Say, “Just so you Know my plans.”

(EDITORS NOTE - Instead of LOTTO Tickets I Tipped the Mechanic with the
HUNDREDS of DOLLARS of Future work I wanted him to do for me. MAYBE - IF
he Did a Good-QUICK Job with my Flat Tire Situation.)

I - “I’ll be buying a new truck tire. So I’d like you to do that work too. Swap the
wheel onto the new tire. Balance it. And Put the new spare and the New Tire on
the rear. And then put the older tire back where the spare goes.

II - “Plus I wanna b*uy a tire for my Toyota. Got a very slow leak in the left rear.
So I’d like you to help me put a new tire on that too.

III - “And the Parking Brake on the truck is getting loose. Maybe you can tighten
that up while we are doing the tires.


Mr Dog-Drool-Dan Shows up. To KILL some time we go to lunch. Then the
1.00 Store.

***MY TIRE is HALF FLAT again - right there in the parking lot!

Good News.

I have tossed my Tire Pump in the back seat. So Dog-Drool-Dan watches while I
pump my tire Back up.

Let’s Talk MOOLAH!

Specifically, The MUNNY the Cheapskate BASTARD Car Companies Are Saving By Changing to a SPARE TIRE FROM HELL - System!

Remember The GOOD OLD DAYS?

You Got a Flat Tire.

Flash Light in the trunk. Remove a panel in the Trunk. There is your Spare tire
AND the Jack. Pull it out. Jack up the car. Remove and Replace the Lug Nuts


Marshall-The-Mechanic tells me about a LEMON his daughter bought. The Spare
tire is under the car - behind the motor. You lower it by un-winding a Cable
using your Car Jack.


With a FLAT TIRE there is no room under the car to LOWER your Spare!

I say, “WHEW! I’m glad I don’t have That NIGHTMARE to deal with.”

Marshal says, “I’m pretty sure your truck spare uses a Cable System too.”

***Have you ever changed a tire on your truck?” NO

***Do you have the Manual? NO

***Do You Know where the Jack is? (“I was hoping it was up under the Spare Tire.” NOPE.

We Hunt all over the Truck. Finally find the Jack in a secret Compartment under
the back passenger seat.

Went to HELL Really Fast.

Rather than ME trying to Explain The RUBE GOLDBERG STUPIDITY behind my truck spare tire Removal Process…

BEFORE You Watch the Short YouTube Video.

(EDITORS NOTE - Which Video I should have Watched. And WOULD Have
Watched if I had known HOW BIG My Problem was.)

***IMAGINE you are driving in the dark. It’s raining CATS and DOGS. BANG!
You Have a Flat tire. You Get Out. Dig out your Jack. JACK UP the Car or truck
- so you can LOWER Your Spare down to the ground.

***CRAWL under the Truck with the Flashlight so you can SEE where to put the
tool in the notch to UNWIND the Cable holding your Tire CLAMPED underneath
your car. And then - Finally - Remove the lug nuts. Swap tires to the spare.
And TOSS Your SPARE TIRE in some weeds so you can come back and Get it
Later. Cuz you can’t REEL It back up under your car with the cable - BY YOURSELF.


FEEL The Pouring Rain.

FEEL the pebbles and Stones Digging into your Back as You Crawl under your car or truck.

Now You are READY to Watch the How-To—YouTube-Video.

(EDITORS NOTE - How many M*illions have all the car and truck companies saved
by simply STRAPPING your Spare tire underneath? WORSE YET. How many
HUNDREDS of M*ILLIONS of Extra Dollars have they forced Car/Truck owners to
Spend Just to Change a FREAKING Flat tire?)


Watch this and GET MAD too.

Glenn Osborn

P.S. - How Zeke Makes 1000’s More - Story -

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Default The 3 Kinds of MASTERMIND GROUPS & How To Use Them

Thanks for Giving me Permission to Post Chapters
from the new BIG RED NOSE Club Website I am
creating for the Holidays here - Gordon,


The 3 Kinds of Mastermind Group
& a Case Study on How to Use Them

(EDITORS NOTE - I am Sure There are more than 3. If you have Built a Munny Making Mastermind Based Business that uses a 4th Basic MasterMind Strategy.
Email me at [email protected] - I’d love to hear what you are doing.)

Based on 26 years of Experience and Testing
I Believe there are 3 Basic Mastermind Models.

A - Mastermind Used to Brainstorm New Ideas

B - Mastermind Used to Solve BIG PROBLEMS

C - Mastermind Used to Make More Munny.


I Believe that The BIG RED NOSE CLUB Has a Foot in All 3 Kinds of Mastermind Groups.

***Please Check my thinking.

***You can Find Out if you Agree or Tell me to Go Run up a Tree.

How Dan Kennedy And I Formed
A Mastermind of TWO BRAINS
And Created A Golden-Rule-QUIZ
That Fixed My REFUND Problem

(EDITORS NOTE - Shush, Psssst. Don’t Tell Dan He is Part of a MasterMind Group with me. He DOES NOT KNOW. Cuz I never Told him.)

MY REFUND PROBLEM came to a Head
one Christmas when TWO Guys Asked
for all of their Munny Back for 100% of
their Purchases for the Entire Year.

We have a 365 day 100% munny Back Guarantee on over a 100
1-of-a-kind-Info Products - So I had to Refund several THOUSAND DOLLARS.

I Quizzed each man. They had not Lifted a Finger.

DID not Take Any Action to Test The Proven M*illion D*ollar ideas they had bought.

STEP I - I made a List of all of my buyers.

STEP II - I circled the B*uyers who had Made Munny.

STEP III - I discovered 100% Who had made Lots of moolah using the ideas they got from ME had sent in one or more 1.00 Bill or LOTTO ticket
P*ay it Forward Testimonials.

How to

When My MasterMind with Dan Popped Up out of the Blue.

Dan sent me some Audiotape Interviews with his Best Customers. I was so Impressed I bought all of Dan’s books for Peanuts at

(EDITORS NOTE - You cannot do that anymore. Amazon Ate for Lunch!)

In The Back of one of Dan’s books was some advice he had given to a New Dog Trainer to The Affluent.

This lady came up to Dan during a Break at a seminar.

ASKED HIS ADVICE on how to Get Rich Dog Owners to Pay her.

DAN Asked her Permission to BE RUDE.



Then gave the following Advice.


#2 - Don’t Go to THEM. Force the Rich Dog Owners to come to you.

#3 - Require that the Dog Pass an IQ Test - or you won’t Train The dog.

#4 - Require the OWNER to Pass an IQ Test - or you won’t Take their munny.

I loved the Psychological REVERSAL Behind Dan’s Advice.

Instead of begging, “Please B*uy from me.”

You say, “You Have to QUALIFY/Pass a Test - Before You are Allowed to BUY from me.

And I ALREADY Had the TEST mapped out.

***ELEVATOR SPEECH - “After Attending 15 Seminars full of Millionaire Biz owners. I now Interview and Consult with Self Made M*illionaires World-wide. AND sell their Secrets to Making Munny. BUT You have to Pass My Golden Rule LOTTO Ticket Test BEFORE You Are Allowed to BUY.”

***Naturally - People ask, “How do I Pass This LOTTO Ticket Test?

***My ANSWER - “I Should WARN YOU. Only 1 in 20 Pass The Test. BUT If You Go to - you will find 100 Testimonials from VIPs Who PASSED the Golden Rule Test.

ONE - Basically - You buy a few 1.00 Instant Scratch off LOTTO tickets.
TWO - Give them away to Clerks and Waitresses.
THREE - Then Email me at [email protected] - to TELL me what happens.

ACTION SUMMARY of FOUR of The Benefits
Of My New “QUALIFY Before You B*uy” Rule.

***A - Saves me a lot of wasted time. Because I Ask People to PASS The Golden Rule LOTTO ticket Test Before I will TALK to them.

COMMON SENSE - If You Can’t GIVE AWAY Munny. You Won’t Take Action on more difficult ideas Either!

***B - Refund Requests Have Dropped by 90%

***C - VIP INNER CIRCLE Members Get a Fun/Safe/Invisible STARTING PLACE to Practice the M*illion D*ollar ideas they bought from us. FLIRT TIPPING Creates RAPPORT in all directions - within which almost any Question/Suggestion/Strategy is OK to try out.

***D - We Now HIDE Proven B*illion D*ollar S*ales ideas from Self Made B*illionaires Inside the FLIRT TIPPING Situations and Strategies we Share in our F-r-e-e Big Red Nose New Idea Testing Ezine - Issues.

Guaranteeing More Explosive Results than you would Expect from simply Forking over a few 1.00 LOTTO tickets to a waitresss.

How We ADDED a Proven B*illion Dollar Idea
To Our FLIRT Testing Before Using It to
Close Consulting Clients

a - T-Mobile has been growing it’s user base faster than all it’s competeitors combined.

b - CEO of T-mobile Just BOUGHT or Merged with SPRINT to create a 146 B*illion D*ollar Biz.

c When John Legere was Hired. T-Mobile was in the RED.

d - John is a Genius at creating Rewards his S*ales Force with All kinds of Ethical Bribes And Public Praise and Recognition

c - We RECOGNIZED one of his S*ales Rewards. John’s REWARDS are Motivating his Nation-wide S*ales teams to Gross B*illions.


A B*illion D*ollar idea!

*****A QUESTION for You.
***How would YOU go About Giving Away a CONFETTI CANNON to your Mail Carrier, Garbage Truck Drivers, UPS Driver, Bank Manager, Restaurant Waitress, New Neighbor?



“Not sure.

YOU ARE STUCK for an answer, right?

But You do not have to Get Stuck in The Future.

LOTTO Ticket Tipping
Will Set you FREE!

BECAUSE I have been Writing Thank you notes with LOTTO tickets Stapled on top to all of these folks and Others too.

THEY EXPECT ME to Give Them Fun Stuff!

(EDITORS NOTE - Thank You Notes with LOTTO tickets stapled on top are EZ. “Thank you For Picking up my trash.”)

***BANK MANAGER - Knocked at her window - Shot a Confetti Cannon at her thru the Glass Window at her desk. Then HANDED her my confetti Cannon Gift.

***Mail Delivery Lady - Shot a Confetti Cannon all over her Windshield. Then Gave her one for her son.

***NEW NEIGHBOR - Shot a Confetti Cannon all over her Car in the Driveway. Then Handed her 2 more for her kids.

To Get An Appointment with Affluent
Business Owners in TWO PHONE Calls

PHASE ONE - Go to amazon and SHIP an Affluent Biz Owner
a Case of Confetti Cannon.

PHASE TWO - Call up and Tell the RECEPTIONIST, “I just sent your boss a Case of confetti Cannon as a Thank you. Don’t WORRY. It’s Bio-Degradable.
But I’d Like to Send you a PAGE Of SAFETY DIRECTIONS - in case a few of them get set off in the office. Could you PLEASE Give me your Email Address?

PHASE THREE - I Emailed the Receptionist ONE PAGE.

Very Easy to Write Cuz I just Shared my CONFETTI CANNON Tests.

DIRECTIONS on How to Use
The Case Of Confetti Cannon
That will Arrive Tomorrow.

***Got the Confetti Cannon idea from B*illion D*ollar T-Movile CEO John Legere.

1 - How my garbage men stopped busting up my Garbage Cans

2 - How my Bank Manager suddenly started Filling out all my paperwork

3 - How Waitresses give me more food

PHASE FOUR - I phone called After I emailed the PAGE OF CONFETTI CANNON Directions.

To DOUBLE CHECK with the Receptionist - that she got the Directions OK.

Because - After all - She was WORRIED - even tho I TOLD her “DON’T WORRY”

(EDITORS NOTE - Did You Catch that? What does Johnny do when you say, "DON'T JUMP in That Puddle.")

Time that Second Phone Call I was Suddenly Talking to The BOSS. The Company Owner. Who is smiling and Laughing on the phone.

Instead of a COLD First Phone Call.

You Can E-n-j-o-y a WARM and FUZZY and FUN 1st Phone Call.


P.S. - You Might Want to See my ***Confetti Cannon S*ales Journal.*** So You Can Make Some Extra DINERO from LOTTO ticket and Confetti Cannon Tipping.
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Default CH #5-How We Helped a Guy in PRISON Rent 14 Apartments

Thanks Dien,

Here is PROOF that - even Behind Bars - a Mastermind of TWO BRAINS
can do amazing things.


“How We Helped a Guy In PRISON Rent 14 of His Empty
Apartment Units - In Five Days - At ZERO Expense
with a One Page Flyer.”


Have you Ever Gotten one of these ROBOT MESSAGES on your Phone?

“Will You Accept a Phone Call From The _________ State Penitentiary?”

Well I Did.

I was Curious and said, “YES”.

(EDITORS NOTE - WHO IN THE WORLD would Be Calling me from PRISON?)

It was PETEY!

One of my customers who I had helped do some REAL ESTATE Deals.



One of my Mastermind Members had gotten his Websites and Video S*ales Letters HACKED, over-whelmed and CRASHED by members of the SUB - GENIUS - CULT.

And I had asked my Ezine members, “Can anybody tell me MORE about the Sub-Genius-Cult?” All I can find on-line is THIS:

WIKI -***The Church of the SubGenius is parody religion described by some of its own members as an "insane bogus UFO mind-control cult”.***

I got Referred to PETEY - a Past member of The Sub-Genius-Cult.

Petey Explained that The Sub-Genius-Cult worshipped munny.

That he had been Protesting outside a Nuclear Power Plant at age 17. He had been an “ECO-WARRIAR And got into some “Trouble.” And was helped by some members of The SubGenius Cult.

He quit.

But he Still Liked MOOLAH.

And we Talked About some of his Real Estate Deals.


A Year Later PETEY is calling me from the HOOSEGOW.

He asked If I knew of a quick - cheap way to rent out 14 empty units in an apartment Complex he’d bought.

Promised to P*ay me back when he got out of LOCK UP.


I dictated the following One Page Flyer.

Series of
Phone Calls
From Petey
over the next 365 days - from BEHIND BARS.

One of these ph calls only a week Later Was PETEY calling to Say, “Thanks, My Dad stuffed Flyers in everyone’s mail box and we rented all 14 units in 5 days.”



Dear Apartment Renter Henry,

Thanks for renting one of my Apartments.

Maybe I Can Help You.

And You Can Help Me Back.

BEFORE I spend 1000’s on a Sign that says, “Apartments for Rent”
or spend More Thousands on Newspaper and Radio Ads…

You Might Answer ONE QUESTION…

Do you Have a Relative or Family Member or Friend You Would LOVE to Live Closer to You? IN THE SAME BUILDING?

And Get The Following MOVE-IN Benefits?

#1 - Instead of Throwing Munny away on a Giant Road Sign YOUR Relative can get the 1st Month Rent Free.

#2 - Your Family Member Can Get 100.00 bucks towards moving IN C*osts.

#3 - Your Friend Will Get F-r-e-e Washing and Drying - in our Laundry Room - For 3 Months

#4 - Your Relative Can Get F-r-e-e Parking in one of our Lots.

I’ve got 3 Apartments Open.

Call this Number if You Want to Move A Family Member into the Building with you
at 000-000-0000.

Pete Cable
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Default “How a Princess-Teddy-Bear Gets To The BOSS w/One Phone Call”

Thanks Gordon,


“How a Princess-Teddy-Bear Gets To The BOSS w/One Phone Call”


While Talking to a Printer Ink Toner Cartridge Company owner at a 20K Seminar Sam told me how he got Business Owners and CEO’s on the Phone Fast.

He Federal Expressed them a Briefcase full of FAKE M*illion D*ollar Bills.


Sam Taped a blank Page to a CD Player.

The Blank Page said, “PLAY ME”

The CD had His Sales Pitch on it.

***UNFORTUNATELY - shortly there - after some idiot started mailing BOMBS to folks. So Suddenly the Bomb Squad was opening his brief Cases. Instead of The BOSS.

So That idea is OUT THE WINDOW.

But this Gave me an idea.

BUILD-A-BEAR - Emotional Punch -

Maxine Clark had started a company called “Build-A-Bear”.

I went to a Build-a-Bear Store.

Selected a Teddy Bear and put Princess Clothes on the bear. The slippers, the tiara, the Magic wand - the works.

Oh yeah.

The Female Staff were Giggling Like Mad. Made me put the Bears underwear on and stuff in the stuffing.

I was the ONLY ADULT Male in the store. Just Me and a Bunch of little Girls and their moms.


I added

Plus a 8 by 10 Page Around its neck that Said, “Look in the BackPack.”

A - In the BackPack was some candy

B - And a One Page Letter full of 7 Figure Idea Bullets.
Customized for that Business.

C - And a P.S. - That Said, “Expect a Call to Ask You WHICH IDEAS You Want to Find Out MORE ABOUT.

You Ask, “Did it work?”

IF You Mean “Did The Princess Teddy Bear Gambit get me to the Company Owner?

And Get me TIME to talk to the BOSS.

“YES it did. 100% of the time too.


I just looked at the NEW Build-a-Bear website in 2018.

The Business has 400 stores WORLD WIDE and is valued at 200 M*illion Bucks.

Could not find the Princess Bear.


I found something JUST AS GOOD.

Build-a-Bear NOW Puts a PERSONAL MESSAGE on the Chest of some of their Animals and Furry Versions of B*illion D*ollar Movie Characters.

Just Suppose You Have a Receptionist, An Executive Secretary And THE BOSS you want to TAKE YOUR CALL and Say “YES” to an appointment.


We Put The Names of The BOSS and His Office Team on the TEDDY BEARS
We Ship in the same Box.

You Put the Words,
“Thank You Sally,
“Thank You Sue,
“Thank You Bob on 3 Stuffed Animals.

You Toss a Bag of your Favorite Cookies or Candy in the box.

AND You Put a Ribbon around the Neck of each Teddy Bear
with an Envelope Attached.

Inside the 3 Envelopes are ONE PAGE.

Teddy Bear PAGE ONE Contains a Banana/Nut Muffin Recipe We Used to Sell 1.2 M*illion D*ollars of Seminar Seats.

Teddy Bear PAGE TWO Contains a Prune Muffin Recipe. MY FAVORITE.

Teddy Bear PAGE THREE Contains a Raisin/Nut Recipe - so good that Receptionists Cooked it and Raved About it - just before Putting their Boss on the Phone.

You Ask, “What is on SIDE TWO of each of the Three Pages?


AFTER looking at their FaceBook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Biz Website
I Know What Single IDEA Is Making THE BOSS Most of his moolah.


We write up 3 Similar ideas - from around the world - from Other Small Biz Owners Like himself/herself.

Say, “Expect a Phone Call to Find Out Which Idea You Want to Find Out MORE ABOUT FIRST.


P.S. - The LINK to the 1.2 M*illion Muffin Recipe S*ales System:
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Default Re: Big-Red-Nose-Club Members ONLY

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Default How the "funny" can make "munny"!

Originally Posted by Glenn View Post
Thanks Gordon,

We have an ELITE - TOP SECRET Group of Bored
Entrepreneurs who call or email us up At the
"Millionaire Mastermind Marketing Association" and
"Big Red Nose Club New Idea Testing Ezine" and say, "I'm Bored.
Give me Something DANGEROUS to Test."

And what do you think We Answer?

We Say, "Sure. How CRAZY do you Feel today? Which one of the following NUT BUNNY - Mad Scientist - No-Net-To-Save-Your-Ass -
B*ILLION D*OLLAR Ideas do you wanna TRY OUT FIRST?
Hi Glenn,

Thanks again for sharing some AWESOME tips and true stories!

(Yes, I'm a fan... )

I've met some super-duper salesmen in my time... One thing I've found many of them have in common, is they make you LAUGH...!

They're fun to be around!

When you've got someone laughing... Their guard goes down...

And they WANT to do business with you!

Yes, I've observed it in myself!

Some people say, sales is not about humor...

But, while it is true that humor BY ITSELF may not make the sale, I do believe it can help - if it helps to "melt" someone's skepticism and resistance...

Thank you so much, Glenn, I always gain a lot from your lessons and stories...!

Best wishes,

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