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Old January 21, 2018, 02:14 PM
Glenn Glenn is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Oct 2006
Posts: 975
Default WEIRD - Instead of MUNNY We Attracted A Mastermind Group INVITE

Thanks Dien - Gordon,

WEIRD - Instead of MUNNY We Attracted A Mastermind Group INVITE

After 48 hours of Tipping Waitresses. 8 bucks. Sent 15.00 out to VIP
Buyers. And a Surprise 27.00 Thank You Reward to a past client - in return
for a Testimonial.


No money falling on my head.

While Puzzling over this I opened my email and saw This Message:

Hey Glenn,

Wanna promote something to our group?

Join us at 10:10am pacific, 1:10pm eastern (US) time...

On zoom:

Or Telephone:

International numbers available:

You'll get to ask, give, or promote anything you want to our brilliant mastermind group!

Last Saturday, we had about 15 people on the mastermind.

The first 7 to join (early) shared what they were currently working on, and
asked for a favor or promoted their program to the group... While everyone else
gave their unconditional help, feedback, ideas, connections and resources.

Last year, we've helped close to a thousand entrepreneurs and professionals
get more exposure, partners, leads, clients and business/marketing support —
just from our Saturday Masterminds alone.

Saturdays, 10:10am


Co-incidentally I spotted this INVITE On Saturday. Only an Hour
before 10:10am.

So I Wrote Down My Question: "Who Do You Know Who Does Small
Business Entrepreneur Interviews."

About a dozen folks on the Mastermind Call. I remember giving Proven
Ideas to a Stress Reduction Coach in Los Angeles, Website developer, Video
Producer, Business Card Designer, Dr to Dr Knife Saleswoman, Artist who wants
to sell her Paintings and Sculpture.

THEN I Got My 5 Minutes.


A - The names of Two Podcast Networks. And

And Two Different Podcast Hosts who Specialize in Small Biz Interviews
for their network.

I googled - which has a F-r-e-e Option. And a 3.00 a week
Option for audio and video.

Found a YouTube Listing called, "Watch This Before You Host a Podbean

Wrote C. A. - The Host a note - about why I will make a good
Interview Subject.

AND now I better Finish Editing my darn book - so I have something
to S*ell at the end of one or more of these Podcast interviews.



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Old January 21, 2018, 10:13 PM
Glenn Glenn is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Oct 2006
Posts: 975
Default The End - Just Finished Editing The Manifesting book

Thanks Gordon - Dien,

Hey Gordon - Dien -

This has never happened before.

My "Working" title won the Headline Voting by 300%


Final Draft is 27 Chapters
total of 67 pages.

Attracted 500 of my 606.10 goal - so I will Add on a Chapter
when the rest Drops into my lap - in some Weird way.

Webmaster has to do his thing.

Then we'll S*ell some E-books.

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Old January 23, 2018, 01:01 PM
Glenn Glenn is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Oct 2006
Posts: 975
Default How We Meet Self Made M*illionaires-Intro Letter

Thanks Gordon - Dien,

First - I spotted this talented lady asking a Question of Jay Abraham.

2nd - We Googled her

3rd - Discovered she owns a couple of Dental Offices. Leads a Charity
to Provide Dentistry to Poor Folks.

Then Phoned
before her office hours.

Voice mail said - "If you You have a Dental Emergency and are in PAIN call Dr XYZ at 000-000-000"

So I called Intending to Explain "THIS is a Marketing Emergency."

But got a message She was out of the Country. And her email address.

Then we Wrote her This
Thank you Note...

Subject Line -
"Saw U Ask Jay Abraham Question at *City Summit* Speech-Glenn"

Thanks for Asking a CLEAR Question of Jay At the City Summit Sheila,

I attended 15 of his Bootcamps - in order to meet Self Made M*illionaire
Business Entrepreneurs - like yourself.

Bought the 8 out of 800 Attendee (at each event) - Successful Biz Owners - Lunch.

And Learned How THEY Had Made Tons of moolah with Jay's ideas.

Now I Live on a 40 Acre
Farm in The Boondocks of Maryland.

Check out the View Out My Home Office window...


Are some of my Proven Systems for Managing and Communicating with
Employees, Patients and Suppliers.

Step By Step Details on how to APPLY his "Strategy of Pre-Eminance"
Concept - which he could not explain to you in 3 minutes.

YOU ASK - "How Can Glenn Make Munny if It's F-r-e-e?


You Know How Everybody Else CHASES You yelling "B*UY FROM ME?"

I don't Do That.

We say, "Let me help you make an Extra 6 or 7 Figures of EXTRA C*Ash.
No Charge.)

"Then if you want help setting up SYSTEMS to bring in that munny
while you sit on a beach - Let's talk about what you want to do first.

GUARANTEED Systems to Attract & Retain
VIP Employees...

#1 - INSTANT HANDWRITING - Personality Profile Reports -
(From 426 Mil Mentor Walter Hailey)

ACTION STEP - You Send Me a Sentence and Signature from each of your Office
Team members - I'll Send you Back a Page of Compliments Based on their Personality.


(And of course I have a 6 hr mp3 and CardDeck Mind Reading System)

#2 - MIND MAP for Each Employee.

You are a Hypnotist. We Use Conversational NLP Questions to Create
a Unconscious Mind Map of what each Employee Wants - Deep Down.

I used to manage 800 employees
at a University - and Had a 1 Page Mind Map for each in a 3-ring binder.

1 janitor wanted to Design women clothing
1 Trash Truck driver wanted to be a Limo Driver

And we sent them info about their Dreams.

RESULT - When I left - the University had to spend (literally) M*illions to
Set up a Night Shift Division. Cuz my people No Longer Came in at Night.
(I know cuz My former boss called me to Complain.)

#3 - Tested - Entertaining - Educational
Thank You Reward Continuity Program...

Strategy of Pre-Eminance -
People are Bored so Surprise them, Amaze Them, Happify Them.

(EDITOR NOTE - You will have to adapt this for your Company. As A Community
Leader, Charity and Dental Association President - you have more Leverage than most.)

***ALMOST ALL of These -Personally Tested by Me - Thank Reward Systems
Are 1.00 each or less.

a - Golden Rule Instant Lotto Ticket Tipping Employee Reward System

b - 3 by 5 Thank you Reward System

c - Reward Complaints - Recognition Systems (Korean Genius - Market by Complaints)

d - Yellow Ducky Rewards (women Cashiers keep these for years)

d - - A Magician Friend has create a RED ROSE REWARD you
can make right in front of an valued employee. (So powerful I use these instead of Biz Cards)

e - - Another Jay Abraham Grad - Sells Double Fist size
and dozens of flavor Fortune cookies - to Oprah and Superstars. I Toss them into
the Audience when I make speeches. (fantastic to put a Thank you Note into
and give a Team Member)

f - LED IceCubes

g - LED Glasses

h - Thumbs Up Award

i - Donald Trump Fake 50.00 Bill

j - Turkey Make a Wish Bone

k - Clown Noses

l - LED Key Chain Lite

m - "Knock out Stress in 60 Seconds Report"

n - Confetti Cannon - (2.75 each) a 21 m-illion a year mentor uses to Thank Reward Top Performers

Glenn Osborn
15124 Dover Rd.
Reisterstown, MD 21136

[email protected]

M*illionaire Mastermind Marketing Association
Rentamentor Group
Big Red Nose New Idea Testing Ezine
Master of Ceremonies at the B*illionaire Watching Club
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Old January 23, 2018, 07:47 PM
Glenn Glenn is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Oct 2006
Posts: 975
Default Ok - 296.00 Just Fell into my PayPal Account

Thanks Dien - Gordon,


For the Purpose of This Book We Set a Small

To Manifest 606.10 to pay for my car insurance.

And Took 18 days to Reach that goal.

Why so long?

Because We chose to Go to lots and lots of Restaurants and Tip Local Waitresses
rather than STAY HOME and send out moolah via PayPal or in snail mail.

Personally - Tipping Waitresses IS More Fun.

And for YOU the Reader - What happens when you Tip Face to Face is NEVER BORING!

We Attracted 138.00 first.

Then 333.00 =

TOTAL - 471.00

Tonight at 7pm - another 296.00 (This came from a b*uyer we have not spoken to for a Month.)

Grand TOTAL -

333.00 Plus 296.00 = 629.00


What did we do to attract the final 296.00?

a - We Tipped a waitress 12.00 and she won 15.00

b - We Paid 27.00 to send a case of Confetti Cannons to my Webmaster

c - We Wrote Our Affirmation 25 times - two days running


39.00 Given Away.

10 X 39.00 = 390.00

Not Quite 10 Times our munny back on the last round of P*aying it forward.

But with a goal of 606.10

We Manifested - 333.00 Plus 296.00 = 629.00

Manifesting with a Proven Affirmation.

Is Not an exact science.

But over more than a decade of TESTING - this stuff has made us extra C*ash over and over and over.

Thank you - Thank You Thank you for My 10 Times Return!


P.S. - Now What?

We set a Bigger Financial Goal and Make a GAME
of attracting MORE than that too.

Last edited by Glenn : January 23, 2018 at 08:09 PM. Reason: oooops math wrong
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Old March 2, 2018, 02:23 AM
John Dick
Posts: n/a
Default Re: The BEST Money-Making-System I've Found In 28 Yrs of Interviewing Millionaires

Nice post Glen, it gives me confidence for my new online business.
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Old April 20, 2018, 02:30 PM
Glenn Glenn is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Oct 2006
Posts: 975
Default I Just Closed a CHIRO Client Cuz People Are BAWK-BAWK Phone Shy

<p>Thanks Gordon/Dien,

<p>This is Weird, Strange, Goofy.

<p>But I Just Discovered A HIDDEN SECRET to Getting Small Biz Owners to
call you and Pay You Munny.

<p>Something we all know but SELDOM DO.

<p>PICK UP THE PHONE and Call Them!

<p>Under "MAGIC of 3" Circumstances. (I find that 3 different contacts
CEMENTS me in the minds of Strangers.)

<p>I was puttering around at the Self Referral Website

<p>Found a Question I could Answer with PIZZAZZ.

<p>From a Lady Chiropractor (I know a lot about Chiro Marketing)


<p>NUMPER ONE - I answered Her Question.

<p>NUMBER TWO - I Complained and Was IGNORED by Alignable. (There is
not enough room to give a 2 or 3 page answer in Their Forum Box.)

SO NOW I use that as the REASON WHY for Phone calling!

<p>NUMBER THREE - I call The Person Who Wrote The Question On Alignable.
Outline my answer on VM. TELL Them TRUTHFULLY.
"The Reason I am calling by phone is there is NO ROOM on Alignable to give YOU Details." Leave my Ph & email address.

<p>#4 - IF I can Find an Email address - I Follow up by writing an Email
Note to Them - DIRECTLY - bypassing Alignable.

<p>KATHLEEN CALLED ME BACK while I was Writing Her an Email Note!

<p>And we Talked for an hour.

<p>And I am now doing some Marketing for her.

<p>WHY did She call me Back?


<p>I was the only one who read her website. The Only one who CALLED

<p>Dozens of others - on alienable - Wrote HOT AIR Answers without knowing
What they were Talking about.

<p>But Kathleen is most comfortable ON THE PHONE!

<p>Here is my 1 page Alignable Answer:

<p>Thanks Kathleen, (I just read thru your website. Singer, SongWriter, Accupuncturist, BEST user)

<p>YOUR QUESTION - "How Do I Market to the Right Audience?"

<p>In my years of Interviewing Self Made Millionaires 3 Different Affluent Chiropractors Stand Out. Each has answered Your Question in a different way.

<p>I - Ernie owns homes on 3 Continents - Has 5 Chiropractors working for himů

<p>ERNIE Does F-r-e-e Chiropractic for the owners and Families
of scores of small family Restaurants.

<p>THEN Shows Up During Busy Hours - And the Owner Introduces him to Patrons in Pain. And Ernie Does a Free Adjustment there - if minor situation. OR Sends Them back to his office for X-RAy and
Free Adjustment. (People who Feel LESS PAIN - Come Back and Pay.)
<p>Patrick has 300,000+ Chiropractic Patients. He is open 9 to 5. He Offers Free Chiropractic for everybody who comes to his office. His SYSTEMS often Persuade Patients to Pay more than a Traditional Chiro would ask.

<p>Plus When We Met - Patrick Was Coaching 6 New Chiro Students - until They get Their Practices Up to a Million Dollar Level - and getting 50% of their Gross Sales.
<p>Henry is Semi-Retired. Worth 21 Million Dollars. All From Doing Chiropractic. Henry went Bankrupt out of Chiro College. Then Flew to the city where the most Successful Chiropractic Practice in The USA operated.

<p>Then he Watched and followed them to find out what they did.

<p>Too Long to Explain here.

<p>ACTION SUMMARY - Each Chiropractor has to find their own NICHE of Favorite People to Help.

<p>Glenn Osborn
<p>Millionaire Mastermind Marketing Association
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Old April 21, 2018, 07:03 AM
Posts: n/a
Default Re: The BEST Money-Making-System I've Found In 28 Yrs of Interviewing Millionaires

Wow, looking forward for Lotto.
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