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Old October 3, 2020, 01:18 PM
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Default The PROFESSIONAL Remote Direct Marketing Home Study Course

Almost 23 years has passed since I was tasked with creating the PROFESSIONAL Remote Direct Marketing Home Study Course for Ben Suarez and SCI.

It was a special project, one which took several months to complete and a lot of time spent "down the street" at a Video company. I had to take raw footage of a seminar and turn that into a COURSE of study. It was designed for other reasons, which I can't go into...but, at first it was considered an in house educational project. Only after it was completed and a promotion written, did we consider selling it.

Now I had other duties too, mostly writing for the newsletter and researching and interviewing scores of people who submitted ideas to the company for marketing consideration.

Someone recently contacted me, seems he bought one of those bootlegged copies with the 19 AVI files and a pdf. I don't support those, so I refused to answer his questions. I did the introduction on the course, and many have wondered what I did with all that knowledge?

You are looking at it. Dien Rice approached me, or contacted me in 1999 and thought a NEW forum might be what we both needed. At the time, there were several dozen forums, and all were controlled by a single person, and some of those were heavy on the censorship.

Anyhow, I met Dien, we agreed, and now, 20 years later, the Seeds Of Wisdom Forum is still going strong, getting several thousand views a day, with many hundreds of members.

I see a huge opportunity.

MILLIONS, and that is not an exaggeration...millions are looking for ways to make money online, or as a side gig, side hustle, part time, moonlighting situaltion...or actually wanting to start a BUSINESS from home.

That has pretty much been our specialty these last 20 years. Dien Rice brought his excellent Academia research skills to the table and has investigated scores of business opportunity. He has written two books, and his newsletters have kept many people tuned into the latest, greatest opportunity.

I brought my 40 years of BIZ OP experience to the table, and we've been a pretty good team.

I am, however, considered by many a guru to be contrarian. I don't agree with what many teach. The first disagreement is with TIME.

I don't believe it takes years and years, nor is it necessary for a new business person to find her way, by making big mistakes and learning from them. If you visit the Warrior Forum (once a month ought to do it for most) would find someone, every week, sometimes daily...

about how they have been at it 8 years, 10 years, 11 years, or even 3 or 4 and have not made any money. And there are those that tell them to NEVER QUIT, keep going it takes time, you need to make mistakes, etc., etc.

HOGWASH sez I. That extended failure is a result of ignorance, poor or NO planning, and faulty execution...mainly due to a lack of preparation in the beginning.

A decade ago, I led several people to PROFITS in 30 days. Some built on that, others moved on to whatever caught their eye. People can do what they want to do.

I don't know how long it takes any given person to get to NET PROFITS. Some would argue the point, but here is where I am in total agreement with Ben Suarez (that doesn't happen very often)...

That...the most important metric and measurement of a small business, the ONE thing to look at is NET profits...the BOTTOM LINE in accounting parlance.

How much money did you KEEP? Sure there are gurus who brag about selling a million bux of products (giving at least half away for sales, let alone other expenses)... but what counts is NET PROFITS.

I am a self proclaimed expert on the NGPS, the NET PROFIT GENERATOR SYSTEM. After all, I was an editor of one of the last editions of the book, 7 STEPS TO FREEDOM II and was the featured writer for the SCI newsletter and I did do the course, so safe to exclaim, outside of Ben and hand full of his friends and family, I have the most detailed, intimate knowledge of the NPGS.

And I've used that knowledge to market over 75 special reports which I have written or co-authored.

BUT, and this is I M P O R T A N T for you to understand, although I like the NPGS as a foundation to build on, it isn't the only strategy I employ.

When you've been around a long time, you learn to take the best of what you have learned, combine it, toss it around, and make your own salad from the mix.

I tell you this TODAY, because there are fortunes to be made RIGHT NOW, and one of those is going to go to the person(s) who make it easy for millions of others to get started with their online businesses.

Will it be you?

I think a modern version of a HOME STUDY COURSE, which includes not only foundational strategy, but advanced Internet tactics would do very well. The thing about HOME STUDY, is, it allows the student to go as fast as their hunger allows. Sure, take your time, spread it out over months.

OR be in a hurry and get started ASAP, within 30 days, I think two weeks of general study, one week of SPECIFIC focus to determine which business, which topic, which niche you will work in, and a week of FOCUSED getting it done will lay out a sold foundation for fast and rapid profits.

I've seen hundreds of thousands of dollars come into SCI in a matter of days, I've seen 10 thousands come into my own hands in a matter of hours, and I know for a fact, THERE ARE NO RULES as to how fast you make your dough.

There are self beliefs. Mostly those are LIMITING. You can't do it if you think you can't.

Well, I'm sounding the alarm, let those with ears hear. Listen up. There has never been a better time for helping other people get a home based business up and running and PROFITABLE as fast as is possible.

Gordon Jay Alexander

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