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February 26, 2018, 01:47 PM
I follow Flea Market Flipper Rob. He and his wife do really well. I believe a big breakthrough for them was when he mastered shipping large items by freight. Now they don't have a barrier or worry about anything being too big to purchase and flip. Also, post crossing purchases from Ebay to Facebook Marketplace, ect, helps quicker turnover. But you are right, you make quicker and more sales if you make posting your purchases a daily habit. I have been guilty of not doing that consistently.

Thanks for making me aware of him a few months ago, Gordon.

They share. They have a willingness to share what they are doing, and in DOING the transactions the last couple of years, they have added knowledge, gotten better at faster flips...BUILT NETWORKS...and now offer HOW TO info so others can do too.

Most of the chattelers I deal with are part of "secret" networks, albeit, they don't know they are secrets...more specialty, the bike guy doesn't know the big equipment operator, the restaurant guy doesn't know the ephemera guy, and so on...but I know them all.

By the way, the restaurant guy I've talked about recently has added short distance "freight" to his biz, or in other words, he and his strong nephew now move restaurant equipment even if not involved in the transaction, and by having this, can frequently get good deals because he is THERE. Being out in the field, so to speak, as Rob the Flipper is, opens up opportunity.

What Rob has shown the past year, is proof of what I wrote 20 years ago, don't look for THINGS to flip, look for stored value and that is where you find things and make your dough.

The wide variety of flips and deals Rob has done should be inspirational to anyone who wants some quick cash. But it did some TIME to build up his networks, so one is prepared when opportunity does present itself.

Thanks for keeping an eye out, and good luck with your chatteling too.


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