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March 3, 2018, 01:29 PM
Thanks Gordon,

I Read the Peter Principle when the book came out.

I Believe it.

I see it in action - Everywhere. (I Recently contacted 2 different agents for the
same auto insurance Quote. The owner of one company said I should get the
SAME Quote from the other agent. BUT the other Quote was MUCH HIGHER. I
put that Down to INCOMPETENCE.)

You will LUV This Gordon.

I called for a Plumber to fix a small drip in the pump room.

The IDIOT did not have any 3/4 inch copper Pipe on his truck.

The bill to fix a leak was over 800 bucks!


Cuz he charged me 200.00 for the 90 minutes HE SPENT driving to the Supply House and Back. (I live far away from everything.)

was Paying him.

(He insisted on getting Paid before he left. Claimed he gets stiffed if he doesn't
get the moolah right away. Can't imagine why.)

The Clown started telling me about his hobby.

RACING Exotic Motorcycles!

This Discussion of what he was going to do with HIS SHARE of my 800 bucks
REALLY ENDEARED ME to him and his company.

So much so.

That I plan to NEVER Call them again.

AND Tell everyone I know My HORROR STORY.


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