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Dien Rice
November 8, 2021, 08:59 AM
Thanks Gordon,

That was a wonderful visit... Changed my life!

(No exaggeration!)

Cuyahoga Falls certainly did (and does) seem like a very nice corner of the world... (Though I was there in the warmer weather!)

Your corner of Ohio is the only place on the planet earth I've ever eaten Amish-style food... (No Amish-style food here in Australia!)

I think the Covid craze is on its way out... My wife and I are still reluctant to fly (we're playing it safe, plus we have an unvaccinated baby with us)... But we do hope to make it to the USA, maybe in a year or two? For one thing, we'd like our child to meet her second cousins there (the kids of my cousins)...

We've had a lot of adventures... Online, but some offline too (like Erie, PA)... :)

Best wishes!


I forgot some of this:

Thanks Dien for the reminder.

If you were to come back today, here are some differences:

First, you would notice downtown Cuyahoga Falls looks, and is much different from then, when it was a walking mall, the main street closed off for 25 years. I think you would have called it a sleepy little city, not much happening.

Today, it is bustling. Walk out of the updated Sheraton, and go either direction, you will find sidewalk diners, craft brewers, art shops. Totally different place, it is like it was sleeping and finally woke up. Over 20 places to dine or grab of cup of coffee, have a treat, or watch some talent on a stage.

The river too is different, and as we await the final chapter in the dams on the bridge, only one left, the big one at Mary Campbell's cave, the river has become a place of boats, canoes and all kinds of fun river activities.

The Chapel Hill mall we may have visited or stopped by, is being redone, that whole area is being transformed.

Blossom Music Center is once again filling the night airs with sounds of music, covid did a number on it, but now it is getting back to norm.

Some of the people you met are no longer with us, and what I would have to show you of the work I've done these past 20 years would not surprise you too much, since you've seen a lot of it. As you know I keep my offline biz activities separate without need to co mingle them, but you would see that I have been doing more "ghost" writing for some small businesses, even copywriting for some decent dollars along the way.

I think we both feel or at least know, we haven't ever really applied our knowledge to a really big Internet project, maybe because we are ADD and don't want to give anything up.

However, you and we and Sowpub too, have a deep dark soil, like the kind you saw at Yoder's, to plant our wisdom and seeds of knowledge for harvests of happiness. I may take some time to get all of it organized, maybe, and do something a bit different.

But, when you come back to Cuyahoga Falls next time, I think you will be pleasantly surprised with things.

So, pack up the family next summer (even I don't want to be here for the winters) and or soon, and come visit again.


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