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November 8, 2021, 10:33 AM
I totally forgot about Erie.

Lots of lessons came out of there, eh?

Our new swimming spots are very kid friendly, we'll include a splash in the pool. And NO sharks either.


Thanks Gordon,

That was a wonderful visit... Changed my life!

(No exaggeration!)

Cuyahoga Falls certainly did (and does) seem like a very nice corner of the world... (Though I was there in the warmer weather!)

Your corner of Ohio is the only place on the planet earth I've ever eaten Amish-style food... (No Amish-style food here in Australia!)

I think the Covid craze is on its way out... My wife and I are still reluctant to fly (we're playing it safe, plus we have an unvaccinated baby with us)... But we do hope to make it to the USA, maybe in a year or two? For one thing, we'd like our child to meet her second cousins there (the kids of my cousins)...

We've had a lot of adventures... Online, but some offline too (like Erie, PA)... :)

Best wishes!


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