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Dien Rice
November 19, 2021, 03:07 PM

This is the start of a promotion for a new work, almost done, but as it has been with several of my most recent efforts, I don't feel like bringing it to the market.

So, group. An opinion is asked for.

Based on what you read at this link, the start of a new promotion for a new work, is there any interest or do you have any suggestions?

My main concern these days, is can I offer it without a lot of support, just don't feel like talking to people these days.

Your opinions, good, bad, positive or negative...would be appreciated.

Gordon (once again sitting on the fence for a new report) A.
Hi Gordon,

Personally, I love it!

I keep a list of broad preoccupations - so I can "hit" them when I want!

(Preoccupations for a niche may be different than those for the broad public...)

Some preoccupations are short-term, and some are long-term or keep repeating...

A shorter-term one might be Alec Baldwin shooting someone dead on set... It was all the buzz a few weeks ago... but now the buzz has died down again to almost zero...

A repeating / longer-term one I'm guessing will be Prince Harry and Meghan Markle... They seem to come up in the general "conversation" over and over and over...

It's a powerful thing... :)

Best wishes,


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