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November 19, 2021, 03:28 PM
Hi Gordon,

Personally, I love it!

I keep a list of broad preoccupations - so I can "hit" them when I want!

(Preoccupations for a niche may be different than those for the broad public...)

Some preoccupations are short-term, and some are long-term or keep repeating...

A shorter-term one might be Alec Baldwin shooting someone dead on set... It was all the buzz a few weeks ago... but now the buzz has died down again to almost zero...

A repeating / longer-term one I'm guessing will be Prince Harry and Meghan Markle... They seem to come up in the general "conversation" over and over and over...

It's a powerful thing... :)

Best wishes,


Thanks Dien.

Now this: a secret I revealed earlier this year...

The single greatest action response mechanism is an appeal to ....

wait for it...


Applying the secret does require a little thinking. Pop culture moments, and even news events, such as today's Rittenhouse acquittal have a short time cycle although they can create ongoing debates. Such as gun control.

Be it the control of a prop gun on a movie set or the publically carrying an assault rifle (like they do in 3rd worlds, like Afghanistan??) to a rally/protest/march...

As seen through a marketer's eye, they have limited shelf life, although as with the gun debate and the 2nd amendment and all, a lot of money to be made taking a side and beign loud about it.

But on close examination, we can see the insecurtiy lurking in the Rittenhouses of the world.

No matter what one is offering, if they look for that little bit of human fraility that chink in the human armor, where all of us have a bit of the insecure in us...and an APPEAL is made to that...it is a powerful motivator, one of the fastest triggers to be pulled to get a reaction.

So, we can be aware of TOPICAL preoccupations, but their best use is to tie them to a deeper more lifelong preoccupation such as money, or health or ego...then we have a one two combo knock out punch.

Now there is a realative new aspect, the vicarious living through celebrity which may be an affliction of the Alphas.

Anyhow. I think many, if not most, who visit SowPub business forum, have some money making business in mind, and my opinion is they are being well served here.


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