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Dien Rice
December 7, 2021, 02:16 AM
Hi Millard,

One of life's pleasures is letting the mind drift, while you feel comfortable... Maybe with a fireplace video on!

Many many years ago - before YouTube - I wrote an article about doing business creating these relaxing videos... (For the Great Ideas Letter, a precursor to my current newsletter...)

Back in the day, the idea was to video relaxing scenes - like the ocean, or a babbling brook - and sell the video on DVDs...

But now - after YouTube - there are millions of these kind of videos...

How do you cut through the crowd?

I think you'd need to find a niche, where there is still interest, but less competition...

I'm not in this business, but with a little thinking...

People apparently love to watch videos of dogs playing... Some of them have millions of views...

For example, here's a compilation video with almost 2.5 million views...


Cutest Puppies Playing Around 2017 | Funny Pet Videos

But look at this one...


TOP 10 Beagle Dog Parties Ft. Louie & Marie

This is a video just of Beagles! And it has 6.6 million views (since Jan 2021)...

What of other specific dog breeds?

I bet lovers of specific breeds, would love to watch dogs just of that breed playing... Labrodor retrievers, French bulldogs, German shepherds, Poodles, Daschunds, and so on...

If I were to go into this, I'd probably try go in a direction like that... and try to find niche markets, where I'd expect there'd still be demand, but less competition...

I'd definitely look to build a website and an email list, and sell more things to the dog lovers too... (or cat lovers... or bunny rabbit lovers... or hamster lovers...)

By the way, look at "Louie the Beagle's" most popular videos...


People seem to love videos of dogs being pranked!

This video has 109 million views!


Funny Dogs vs Scary Jigsaw Prank


Best wishes,


After logging into Youtube on my TV, I saw a video that was just a simple cafe interior with snow falling and a fire going in a fireplace.

It was a video to create a mood.

There is a whole boatload of these videos.

One of the videos has a black screen with rainstorm sounds, thunder, and has hit 82 MILLION views !!!

And I thought cat videos were the videos with the highest numbers !

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