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Millard Grubb
January 25, 2022, 09:01 AM
I don't often go on Facebook, but when I do, I constantly see ads from folks who are consultants, authors, gurus, what-have-you.

One claims his book will make you millions.

Another claims his book will get you a million followers on Facebook or other platforms.

All have a book or course that can help you.

Obviously, if these ads are popping up over and over, they must be making money enough to keep running them.

Are these ads just to sell books or to develop the list? (Money in the list)

Maybe these folks are doing the right things, maybe not.

With all the folks selling, does anyone make actual money?

My biggest money maker has always been from referrals.

So if I was starting out, I'd do some free business audits or other business service and get referrals.

How does a brand new consultant stand out from the crowd?

It would be interesting to see what all the folks selling their books and courses would do if the were starting out.... pssst... maybe they are. :)

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