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January 31, 2022, 02:21 PM
How to Make Your Computer as Easy to Use as Your Telephone

This multi million dollar ad headline targeted the exact same market.

So, which of the money making tricks can be repurposed, or how about the secret hacks to make using your Mac easier, or how to do the webinar, video part of being a Mac user.

I see the mistake of trying to SELL your idea, rather than finding out first, what people want. This guy is a great resource, maybe you can reconnect with to find out what they really want to know, THEN, create a product or a two hour seminar, he could even host, for free to his buyers. You share your hacks with them.

I think the approach was wrong, do you see it that way Millard?


Had a very interesting encounter with the owner of the local Apple store. This store is locally owned and sells Apple products exclusively.

I had previously written a course for Macintosh owners that specifically showed them how to use the features of the Mac to create income simply. My idea was to give away the course to buyers of Mac computers and to set up a joint venture with the owner.

What surprised me more than anything was that the owner of the store stated that most buyers of Macs locally were retired folks and that they would not be interested in making money !

Sheesh !

I did make sure the owner got one of my reports on making a Mac profitable, but with his reaction, I don't think he is going to do anything.

My purpose of setting up the joint venture was to get a new Macintosh !

As much as I like to barter for everything, I think I will just do a little consulting work for some of the local businesses and earn my new Mac that way instead of dipping into my cash.

Would be interesting to hear of any computer equipment trades people have done for inspiration.

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