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January 31, 2022, 03:28 PM
First time, on my list of demands for a company who wanted to hire me, it was one of the lesser demands and easy to give into.

Second time, used for a specific project, mine to keep when completed.

Third. As a bonus for doing above and beyond (although this was a tablet/computer).

What is the cost of a Mac Book to the retailer? Your offer must at least meet this price in his mind, so he feels he isn't losing money.

Say you do a two hour how to use Mac include things they may not be aware of that Mac does that Windows doesn't, like Time Machine Backup and Quick Look and drag and drop uninstalls.

OK, so these would cost maybe 50 bux from a computer training center, so if 5 people showed up, that would be 250, if you did five of these FOR his customers for free, you could show how your value is such, that the Mac would be an acceptable compensation.

Getting customers BACK in the store for a couple of hours, and having a captive audience to show some ADD ON, could be of great BENEFIT to the store owner.

You have to come at it, always, as what is in it for him? His customers making money with their Macs, doesn't make him any does it?


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