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February 13, 2022, 11:52 AM
I like your idea.

The challenge would be finding the space to put the thousand dollars of chicken wings. Maybe there is a place that allows you to put your frozen goods in their BIG freezer for the 90 days.

Heat wave. A week of 90+ degree days, wild fires, and a
gas shortage. Another near 3 mile accident, not quite a Chernobyl but alarming.

Then the rolling brown outs, then the black outs as ENERGY, or the grid, the power supply begins to melt down.

What then?

Millard you bring up a good point, right now there are commercial warehouses for everything, even frozen goods, and ICE houses too. The only problem is these places eat up as much electricity as a small crypto computer center, A LOT.

As for the Chicken wing problem, if you don't have a freezer and 1000 bux of chicken barely fills up a spare freezer in the garage...but, although...and just because I live in the fantasy world of Doom and Gloom.

Doesn't mean SUPPLY chain SHORTAGES of all kinds won't be opportunities for those who see the glass half full shattered by the quake.


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