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February 18, 2022, 06:32 AM
Hi Glenn,

Thanks a lot for your reply.

The reason I made this question is because that I have 4 different e-books – all from different niches.

I am going to run ADS on Facebook.

Facebook as my experience the hugely most buyers are 40+.

Instagram far as I know is where the younger people are. However, probably on Instagram they are not the best buyers as Facebook. At least for my products.

I have this e-book: "How to Create Your Website In Just 2 Days Easily and
Quickly Without Having To Spend One “Fortune” and Without Being a Computer Nerd – Nor Depend On Anyone!"

(The title is very long I believe).

However, in this particular case, I wonder who could be the best market fit:

• Mass market VS sophisticated market?

• Younger people that are enough "techie savvy" – but not so much – to do it themselves? Without spending a fortune is important to younger people, usually they are not swimming in money (or have their own priorities);

• Older people who like to do-it-yourself and just want things done quickly without "techie nerd stuff"? If they can save money on the process, great;

The idea is this e-book be positioned to the people (as me) who hate nerds, complex technology, like to DIY and just want things done – without headaches.

Your opinion Glenn?

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