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February 26, 2022, 11:21 AM
I don't know if Dien has covered these in his newsletters, but these are REAL people, working from a home based business, with over two decades of continued success. No insider details, just an AWARENESS OF type thing to get you to think about all of these.

I'll cover 5 today.

The small sign LAMINATOR. I've discussed this before, one woman, in her basement, albeit the biz has pretty much taken over her basement, works a few hours a day LAMINATING signs used in stores. She has added printing over the years and works with local printers too, but her bread and butter, for three decades has been laminating signs.

In the past I have mentioned the laminating possibilities, including HOTSHEETS and White Boards.

Two. The PLOTTER. He started small, doing blueprints in his friends print shop and invested in a plotter. He has branched out, but kept it small enough to work out of his backyard shop. He is the go to guy for FAST NEED blueprints, and large scale layouts, he built his business by being ready to work at a moment's notice.

Three. The spiral binder MASTER. 25 years ago I had two huge machines in my basement, maybe Dien remembers them. Foot press hole puncher, and foot press spiral binder. Many of my early mail order reports were done on these machines including the original Chattel Report.

One person, has been steadily making COOKBOOKS, and the bread and butter of the business, FAMILY KEEPSAKES.

Four. Wood burner. This requires artistry, which I do not have. But for a long long time this local guy has been creating one of a kind wood burned signs and all sorts of wood burnt items, including jewelry. He specializes in an ornate calligraphy, and his work is beautiful.

Five. The dictation queen. About to retire, but has built a lucrative career on FAST TURN AROUND dictation services, well, she does type some incredible 200+ words a minute, and can often complete a project in near real time. I know there are several services online, Dien and I have both explored and tested them all (so far) and none of them compare to a pro, albeit, a very dying art. I've used Dragon for over a decade, and as trained as it is, it still can't get the job done and she is well worth her money.

Those are five, maybe all will disappear, but I think at least 4 of them will be passed down, sold off to others who want a steady income stream.

Five more to come.

I love watching plotters and big print machines work, so much can be done with them. So much opportunity for those who look.


Also, I don't see a time when I will hang my NFT's on the wall, but it does have a lot of posters and other large print items.

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