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April 20, 2022, 08:52 PM
Thanks Gordon,

There are 100's of youtube videos (Unless they have disappeared)
from folks with horrible reactions to the EMF from their.

Just search for "EMF Side Effects"

ALL of the following EMIT very strong EMF Radiation.

Smart Meter
Cell phone
Amazon Fire and other Gadgets

A YEAR ago I bought a Radiation Detector.

And Started Buying and Testing Solutions.

SCARED TO ACTION by a UK Retired Soldier on Youtube.com - in Charge of Using (Lower Grade EMF than a Smart Meter) to Change the DNA of Belfast Protesters so they cannot have Kids.

He says, "I have consulted all over the world."

HINT - do not attend any Demonstrations, folks.



I found something that Changed The EMF Radiation from my Smart Meter, Mac Computer, Cell phone, Amazon Fire, Wifi antenna from LOUD BEEPING.

To almost Zero On the GAUSS METER.


5G is supposed to EMIT 10X more EMF than the Above Gizmos.

And I have not Tested The Gadget that you plug into a House Outlet. Supposed to turn the home Copper Wires into a Barrier for EMF - YET.

I DO Carry a Key FOB that is supposed to
Create a SAFE CACOON around my body to Keep out EMF Radiation - however.

But gotta put batteries in My GAUSSE Meter and Test that Under a nearby POWER Line and see how effective it is.

5G is a Whole new Ballgame.


P.S. - GORDON - Before I share More I'd Like You To Try this out Yourself and Find out HOW YOU Feel. If it helps. THEN you can share your Test Results Here.

P.P.S. - I just watched a 5G Video Conference Call with a Guy who found a Solution but HIS Solution is a 900.00 (In your car) to 5000.00 (House size) German Device.

What I found is Pennies compared to that. -

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