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Dien Rice
April 23, 2022, 12:24 AM
Hi Glenn,

Thanks for that information (and that useful website)!

I don't know the details of how 5G affects people, but it definitely can't hurt to be vigilant...!

Scientific American is a well-respected popular science magazine... They've published opinions on both sides of the debate, but this one shows there is room for caution (https://archive.ph/Y4uRR)...

Best wishes,


Thanks Dien,

Just watched a Video Conference with a Guy who has been Depressed and sick his whole life.

15,000 folks on the call! (Over past 2 years the guy bragged he has EDUCATED over 200,000 people)

Long story SHORT - he Got rich in spite of depression.

Travelled the world visiting Doctors and Nutrition Experts.

Finally discovered his Depression was Caused by
an OUTSIDE the body Cause -

EMF Radiation.

I thunk I was safe from 5G out here in the country side.

But I found 38 Satellites and EMF/5G Cell towers within 1.7 miles of my house. Plus a GREEDY company has discovered how to CLAMP a 5G device to any Telephone pole.

My webmaster Chris in Florida - found over 80.

If You Are Curious WHY you may be TIRED.

Can't Sleep.

And have other Health issues SNEAKING up on you.

Enter your ZIP below.



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