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June 3, 2022, 05:14 PM
Thanks Dien,

Don't Laugh.

A Recycling Story -

I Threw a 5 Gallon Bucket at a Giant Raccoon Last Night.

I Toss Soup Cans in a Bucket - until it gets full.

Then Crush and Recycle them.

But Mr Raccoon Must Have Smelled The Leftover Soup in The Cans. CRASHED the Bucket on it's Side. Woke Me Up.

Yelling Didn't Work.

So I Threw an empty Bucket. Hit him with a 5 Gallon Bucket.


To Make You Laugh.

So You are In a Good Mood to Hear An Equally WEIRD "Recycling Story."

It Turns Out...

***Insurance Sales Questions Are Recycled & Used By Porn Directors.***

Got Proof.

VIP Client #1 - Tells Me About a Record Setting 181 Million Insurance Sale Using

I shared It with My Top 1% of My Top 20% VIP INSIDER List.

VIP Client #2 - Sends me ***a Link*** with a Note. "Hey Glenn, This Porn
Director Used YOUR SAME Insurance Sales Question on a Starlet. Crazy, huh?"

A - Wrote a Sales Letter with The STORY.

B - Turns out Billionaires on our WATCH LIST are using Versions of The SAME QUESTION in Their Sales offers and Videos.

C - Stuck 20 Case Studies into the ORDER FORM.

D - SO as Not to OFFEND Anyone - I held The 3 Video Examples Back
Until Buyers ASKED for them. Sent Separately.


P.S. - Even Though The "Actress" is dressed in Men's Suit and Tie for The BEHIND THE SCENES Interview. No Skin Showing.

You See MAGIC Happen.

AFTER Mr Director - Asks The 181 Million Question over and over FIVE TIMES. The "Actress"...

Goes From COLD to HOT.

Stonefaced to Animated.

And Shares Her FANTASY Of Posing Nude for "ART CLASSES."

DREAMY - EYED - She Dictates The Script.

Holding Up her Hands - to Show How The Various Parts of The Male Anatomy
Look when Viewed From Her Perch atop The "Art Platform."


Hell-of-a-SalesVideo. Sold Her The Next Scene BEFORE she Shot The Current Scene.


You Can Email me, However - To Get *Behind-The-Scenes Directors-Cut VIDEO LINK*
- at Rentamentor@gmail.com

Subject Line - "SowPub - Behind-The-Scenes Directors-Cut VIDEO LINK*"

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