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Dien Rice
June 4, 2022, 02:29 PM
Thanks Glenn,

That was a very interesting history and account... I'm guessing that's from one of the replies you got to your question?

I grew up in the suburbs... But my Dad grew up on a farm, just outside of Coldwater, Michigan...

And he made some choices of where we lived in alignment with that.

My parents have unfortunately passed away, and I'm living in the last house I grew up in... After my Dad passed away (my Mom had passed away a few years earlier), I moved in...

The choice of where this property is located was determined by my Dad's experience of growing up on a farm...

I remember him telling us the occasional tale of their adventures, as kids, on Hog Creek, which ran through their farm in rural Michigan...

When it came to buying some land, my Dad chose a place in front of a creek too - Dandenong Creek... The creek is just on the other side of the fence of my back yard...

Like my Dad's adventures on Hog Creek, my brother and I had some cool adventures "exploring" Dandenong Creek when we were growing up...

There's native wildlife here. This being Australia, the wildlife is, of course, different from the wildlife in Michigan...

However, it's nice to sometimes hear the kookaburras "laughing" in the background during the day. Once, we had an echidna ("spiny anteater") walk across our yard...

I'm not much of a "green thumb," but I enjoy hearing about the adventures of those who are!

When I was still an undergrad student, I had a good friend who started to get into "permaculture"... That's where you try to design a garden where the plants support each other's growth, and you don't have to use pesticides... That's my understanding anyway!

I think the idea is to mimic a natural ecosystem...

Thanks for sharing, Glenn! Although I didn't grow up in the country, because of the influence of my Dad on me (who did grow up on a farm), I can relate to that response... :)

Best wishes,


Thanks Dien,

Turns OUT the 181 Million Question that set a Insurance Sales Question ALSO Works Good in Emails.

Pretty Amazing.

Ask ONE QUESTION in an email and You Get People who Go BONKERS with Their Reply.


Oh boy,

Here we go, fasten your seat belt and here we go...down the rabbit hole big time.

It may be genetic....

My Granddad on my Mom's side ran a big program teaching ghetto kids to operate a truck farm.

That was the Fairview Garden school, there's some remaining pictures and info online.


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